New to Onefinity

I am not very experienced with cnc, but have converted my mini mill, and built a cnc router.

I am sold on the elite format, and want to order one. But I am concerned as I tried calling them 3 times today, and left messages. I never heard back from anyone. I am concerned about any company that is hard to contact.

I certainly won’t place my order until I can talk with someone. Is this company still in business?

1F is a great company but most communication is via email, they are very responsive in my opinion.


I have had one of there machines for a few years now, and have been active on the forum even longer. Their responsiveness, in my opinion, is exemplary.

They are a relatively small group of dedicated individuals. My advice is to use their email, and if you call, I would only ever do that once and leave one message. Multiple messages usually just waste time.


I Krash,
Unfortunately you’ve found us at our busiest time of the year and yesterday we released new product to order which increased our normal volume 100x more than normal.

Is there anything we can help with here?

Email might be faster as well.


Thanks for the responses. I finally did get ahold of them, and they answered all my questions. I immediately ordered a Elite Foreman, and will now wait the obligatory, painful, waiting period for shipment.

Can’t wait!


Time to work on your Elite stand!

Under way right now!