Elite Foreman on it's way!

Well gang, it’s finally happening! Order 34380 Elite Foreman is due to me in S. Florida on Thursday of this week. I have the bench about 75% complete and the HY 2.2kw spindle is tested and ready to hang. I’m obviously very excited to see it arrive, and for those that ordered early on, I completed my order within the first 10 minutes of the Elite series going live. I have been a 1F user for about 2 years now, with a fairly early order for the 32 x 32 woodworker that I upgraded to the Journeyman when it became available.

The Onefinity is an awesome machine, and not my first, but definitely one of my favorite machines. I started with a used Mastercam 4 x 4, some 25 odd years ago, that was very large, overbuilt in fact, but was 100% 3-phase from stem to stern. It was way too bulky when I moved 2000 miles and the fact that I had to produce my own 3 phase power for it that made me give it up and abandon CNC work for several years. When I saw the rigidity of the 1F, I knew they had something that the V-wheel and belt drive machines just couldn’t compete with.

So, yeah, I’ve lurked in the background, machined a lot of wood, some acrylic, some HDU (my favorite to do) and broken my share of 1/4 inch bits, but I just retired from the daily grind about 2 months ago, and I have some stuff to do! I’ll try to upload some useful videos to benefit all of you that are waiting, as I know how hard the waiting is. Since I own them both, I’ll line them up side by side in the shop and do some comparisons and try to help out the Newbies as best I can. There are some folks posting videos that are helpful, but I often find they aren’t basic enough for the beginner. I hope to help the newest of newbies understand how to get going, as I think there isn’t enough basics to help them out. If you don’t understand yet the difference between Homing and Zeroing and how this can prevent your first project from being successful, I’ll try to be your mentor.

Maybe I should start a Newbie Facebook group to guide the beginners away from the “Official” and “Advanced” user groups until they are ready to spread their wings. What do you all say?

Anyway, shipments have started for the Elite Series!


So excited you’re excited.

Please don’t make a new group. We find that all it does is dilute the pool of helpful users and “the right answers”, also make us have to monitor more things and point people to the same 90% answers already on this forum faq section. We wish there was only one! Things would be faster and more efficient!
(Take a look at the “advanced “ fb group, there’s nothing advanced about it, it’s the same questions as everywhere else).


Hi Support Leader,

I’m thinking my post about beginners might have been mis-construed a bit. It would be a group disconnected from any brand CNC machine, and just general in nature for those getting started or thinking of jumping in. I really don’t wish to promote any brand at all, as the basics of CNC have a lot of common ground regardless of the sticker on the side. You still have to Home and Zero the Avid, Bob’s, Shark, Onefinity, etc., and I agree with you that the “Advanced” group offers very little and I think they should have kept your company’s name out of it altogether. I have no intention of using/abusing your brand at all.

Having said that, I am happy to finally receive the Elite, as I think you listened well to the shortcomings of the X-35/50 series, which I use almost daily. Having owned other systems in the distant past, I can appreciate the effort you folks put in to the new line, and I think the price point and advances are going to make it an exceptional machine!



Post pictures when it arrives. Be nice to see how much the boxes get beat up in shipping. Hopefully I get some notification since my invoice number is 34346. LOL

Mine is 34364 and I got a shipping notification on Monday. It isn’t a notification from Onefinity, it comes from UPS for borderworx.


Hi Lucas,

I got notified in the same manner, with the same situation on Monday. It’s due to me here in South Florida on Thursday. Hope you enjoy yours, I know I will!



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And I thought I was on the ball ordering on the day. my order is 34541. hopefully not too far behind.

Great! I’m 34399 and no notification yet. Hopefully this week - it’s been a long winters wait.

So… got my notice today(3-15). Should be here the end of the week. :man_dancing:

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Im order 34319 Elite Foreman and ordered within 4 min of the release and havent received anything yet. Wondering What the issue could be with my order. I did order a QCW with it and received an email asking if i want my machine to ship first or wait for the QCW snd have it all shipped together, i choose to have the machine shipped first and i will wait for the QCW. But as im noticing order numbers are growing and i still havent received anything yet.

Hey all,

thank god that these crowds stay inside their gated communities and don’t come over here! (how good we got it here, in the free World Wide Web (free for anyone)).

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Here here!

I am a conscientious objector to FB. Glad you and all the rest of the Fine Forum Members fuel this place and make it a joyful place read.

Thanks one and all!


Should the group be named “Advanced” instead of “Advance”? I am certainly not a grammar expert, but thought it sounded odd.


Hey Brian,

I am not the right person to ask, this you have to ask the group founder (whoever that may be). According to my knowledge of the English language, “Advance” is either a verb in the present tense or a noun.

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I Agree 100%, the “search” function solves most woes, having everything under one group makes way more sense:

  • Less maintenance for the Onefinity Team
  • One place to find all answers
  • Single source of truth

My suggestion to the OF team if things do get fragmented, just monitor the “Official” thread and leave the others to be self maintained by those who fragment them. You guys should not have to run in 100 directions to do your jobs!!

Just my $.02

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You are correct. As a verb it could be valid in terms of being a forum to advance the users (ostensibly in their ability to use the Onefinity CNC). However, a verb is inappropriate usage in the title without a modifier such as “to” and a noun such as “forum” or “group”. It could be argued that because it’s titling a FB group, it doesn’t need to be explicit, but that’s just poor grammar and a lack of clear communication.

I don’t expect the creator of the group was that sophisticated in the nuances of the language, so I believe they simply misspelled “Advanced”. That would clearly indicate that the group is for advanced Onefinity CNC users.



I have an Elite Foreman on order and am having trouble deciding on the table i want to build. Any chance you would upload a picture of your table?


I find it very frustrating that groups have been created on FB when we have this forum. Due to conditions placed on me by my employer I am not permitted to have any social media presence or foot print.
The creation and use of face book groups means that the groups are not open to all owners which when we are all trying to learn off each other and share ideas is not very inclusive

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Interesting, I am order # 34352…I must have ordered some extra’s not in stock yet.

Well I just got a notification of shipment from Borderworks, 190# , 3 boxes, my order number is 35377 much higher than some, not sure what to make of it but not complaining.

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I share the same challenge as @CSM, due to the nature of my employment I am not permitted to have social media accounts. Forums like this however are not restricted (yet)…