Shipping updates?

Is there a way to find shipping updates? I ordered in Jan. "21 with an approximate ship date of 4 months.
This is my first post and appreciate any help.

I think this is what you are looking for Shipping Table

Thanks John. That was exactly what I was looking for. one More question, Does Onefinity send tracking information when they ship your order? the “Status” column shows shipped but i have received no update.

You may want to double check your order #, I ordered on 01/02/21 and my expected ship date isn’t until the week of 03/28

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Thanks Mr Six…I was told April but the “order info” tab states it has been shipped???

It goes by your order number, not the order date. The date you see on the chart is the week shipping date. If you ordered in January, your ship date should be in April. My number is 12386 and has a ship date the week of 3/21. Hope this clears it up for you.

Not sure of this is your issue, but if you ordered from the Canadian site you have to check your order number there as well. I had the same issue when checking the American site, but the Canadian site lines up with the initial estimated delivery date I was given.

My “receipt” has a number that does not match with order numbers?
Does anyone know why that wouldbe?

It should be a number like 14000. What are you getting?

My invoice has an Invoice number and an Order number. The order page goes by the Order number. The label on my invoice (see screenshot) is Invoice for order: #12765. I am 2 weeks out.

My order number is 12716 and my anticipated delivery date is the week of March 28 (this week). I’ve gotten zero updates on the status. Is there another way to get an update?

I’m 12616, scheduled this week also. No messages from UPS either. I did upgrade my monitor a few weeks back and they said those would not be in until late March.

I’m 12754, also scheduled for delivery week of 03/28 - looks like they are running about a week or so behind - hopefully it arrives by mid April

I just got notification from UPS that labels were created for my order (it was due to go out this week), so they appear to be on schedule.

I am 12605 and haven’t heard anything yet. I didn’t expect it to arrive this week but anxious to know status.

You won’t hear anything until it’s ready to ship. You’ll get a notification from UPS about labels are made and within a couple of days it will update and give a delivery date. It’s murder waiting for it to change, got mine last week. Your patience will be rewarded.

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Got my “shipping” email a couple days ago, said I should receive it yesterday… April Fools from UPS on me. Still hasn’t made it to UPS yet, but at least I know it’s getting closer.

They cut the labels as they prepare. Has been shooting a few days to a week before it starts moving and then the delivery date works. I imagine they are labeling and sending to borderworks and it gets held up there flipping through customs.

Happens to all of us. Seems the date you see is the first of delivery date range.

Hope I’m not the only one still waiting on shipping info. Order #12737. I wonder if it’s due to upgrading the screen…