Shipping Status 6/25/2020

As of 6/25/2020 we’re still one track to start shipping the first preorders in August.


:grin: that’s great news!!!

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Awesome Can’t wait!!!

So sad I missed the pre-orders​:cry: with all the cool kids. I found out about too late in the game​:woman_shrugging:. Now…I gotta wait :woman_facepalming:t3:

Did you contact them? There were some pre-orders after the initial event.

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When can you order if you missed pre-orders?

Sorry, just saw your reply. I had not called them, but am happy to see that I may be able to purchase one soon. I had missed the initial, as well as the 2nd round. So I am excited that they are having a Labor Day sale for so many.


Hi, after looking at the shipping numbers on the 1f site are you still on course to deliver 399 units in December ??

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So Ive ordered oops clamps and cable extensions. These have extremely high order numbers? When are these items actually going to ship?

usually in the same week. The shipping table only applies to machines.

yes, and all current orders as of 10/27/2020 are shipping in January.

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Ok, the orders were the 17th and the 21st amd I haven’t received any shipping notification so was wondering.

We didn’t have the oops clamps at that point. They should be packaging them for shipping this week.

Does Onefinity send shipping notifications. I ordered 1/15/21 and according to the order info the status is “shipped”

You need to look at your invoice # not when you ordered