Shipping Status 8/16/2020

The time is nearly here! We start shipping the first units this month! We’re putting the final touches on everything and testing every machine right before we ship. Everything is still falling right in line with our shipping table. We’re extremely excited to see unboxing videos and what you create with the Onefinity. We’ve poured our heart and soul in making the best machine and we think you’ll love it. The next shipping status update will be the first one saying, ‘they’re on their way!’ Thank you all so much for your patience and support during these last few months. We love our customers!
Be safe and talk soon.


Woo hoo! Wait…mine won’t be until December! Just excited to see things moving as scheduled!


I feel you there with a November slot. Just think of it as 90 days for everyone else to work out the kinks so we don’t have to!


Make lemonade!:joy: I like it!

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Pretty sure at least one person received the first production unit already…

cc: @MyersWoodshop


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how do you your place in the shipping order .i did the preorder and got my receipt but i dont see where it says i should be receiving it.

It is based on your order number

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Exciting News! I am very much looking forward to the upgrade from my Shapeoko. Of course, I’m November per current schedule. :frowning: I can wait…

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My invoice dies not fit the profile show in the shipping table. I just have a receipt # that is 1375-xxxx in format.

invoice and order number are different.


How do I get my order number?


It is in the email that was sent acknowledging your order.

I never received an email acknowledging my order, just a receipt from Kimber. Are you in a position to help me out?


It would be in an email from Kirbre enterprises. Maybe check your spam folder.
If you can’t find it, send an email to and they’ll help you out.

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I’m just another customer waiting but it appears that you are 1330 if they are using the same system as in the first day orders.

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Hey Rick… That’s actually your purchase receipt. Your order number will be on your invoice which should have been emailed to you automatically. Please email us at and we can get you your order number and resend your invoice. Thank a lot and talk soon… Mark

Thanks Mark.

I had to call to get my order number. The nice ladies I spoke to at onefinity did not know why I didn’t get a follow on email, but they were able to get me my order number.



Hi Carroll what number are you please ,mine is due in December also #10928

I’m 483, hopefully will be here early December!