My order disappeared

My order # 0001383 is no longer on the shipping list on their website.

Have you called Jenn in Customer Service? They will take care of you to find out what happened to it.

I sent them an email on the 1st. I Guess I am getting anxious because I thought it was supposed to come the second week of Jan.

Do you mean 11383? That one is listed as week of Jan 18, 2020.

They are running really close to the expected shipping dates, though the orders page may lag by a week or so on the update. Mine was already on my porch before the Order Page on their website was updated lol.
Depending on where you live and how long customs clearing takes, it may add a little to your delivery date.


No. It is an invoice number. I copied and pasted so I got it right. It used to be on there. Not for sure when it was removed.

I have not received any emails that it was shipped. Ok just received an email from the saying it is scheduled for the 18th.

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The website uses order numbers, not invoice numbers. We’re working on updating the shipping tables today.


Looking for my email receipt. I did buy some accessories but do not recall exactly which ones. I remember the email was from some email address without the Onefinity name in it, can you help me with that so I can search for it

kirbre enterprises is what the email will show

Thank you 20 characters