Delivery Schedule

Is ONEInfinity having a hard time keeping to their delivery schedule, or are they just slow updating the website? Our machine is expected to ship this week or next, yet the web shows them Testing & Shipping for the week of February 22.

Historically the website has lagged in updates. Given the impact of covid restrictions in Canada it is impressive they have not fallen behind.

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John…I was in the Feb 22 tranche, received the shipping notice 2/24 and received my machine on Monday 3/1.

So I’d say it’s just the website.


Thanks, Jack. That’s good news.

Ditto - same here. Now, just have to get this pesky wasteboard set up right…

Shipping times accurate I got my label prior to the website saying it was in testing and it arrived before it said is was shipped so all good and it only took 5 days to ship through customs to the UK.

Has anyone gotten there machine early?
I ordered mine & found out I am getting laid off next week. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think I found a new job but I am going to be unemployed for the next month and half and I start a week after my Onefinity is supposed to arrive. I wish I could get it a bit sooner so I could figure it out and tinker with it for awhile before I go back to my 7 to 6 job! :thinking:

I am in the “13471 to 13650 Range”
Scheduled: Week of May 2, 2021

I wish I had better news for you but mine (12341) is in the testing and shipping phase from last week. As of today I have not received a shipping notice yet.

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I stand corrected. I just received an email from UPS to expect a delivery tomorrow.

Mine is The Week of March 21 Shipping. Just got UPS notification and is scheduled for 3/25 delivery! That is F’n impressive 1F. Thanks for all you do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Me too !!! Cannot wait!

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Update: Actually that was a notice of label creation. Still not in transit from NY and not due until next week. :frowning:

It’ll be there before you know it - but the last week is the hardest!

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:slight_smile: Another update: Now scheduled for 3/27 delivery :slight_smile:

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Anyone know why the Canadian shipping site seems so far behind