Delivery dates correct

Hey just checking to see if everyone is receiving there machines on time and if not how long overdue are they. The site has me as first week of May but I see they are still testing first week of April deliveries. Cheers

Mine shipped right on time, a little over two weeks ago. The dates are when they ship from Canada, it can take a week or more to arrive depending on where you are in relation to US receiving station. It sometimes takes a few days for them to catch up on updating the current status page.

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Mine shipped 1 week behind the dates on their web site.


Yes, they do. I ordered mine in December and it shipped two weeks ago precisely as planned (DHL needed a week to deliver the 3rd box to Europe but that’s not the fault of 1F).
They update the site every 2-3 weeks only so it does not reflect the latest shipment.

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Order #12691 ETA March 28th. Received UPS shipping label(s) notice on 4/8. However, UPS has not received packages yet. All three are still in the hands of Borderworks making it past customs. So in my case delivery is currently about two weeks past the ETA.

Hi Ben what is the order#
I am 12890

I was #12473.
It shipped from Canada as planned in 3 boxes. They went through the US and it took 2 weeks to deliver the last box from US to Belgium, a problem with DHL.
Given the manufacturing delay I was concerned that DHL had lost the box and I would have to wait another 3 months for 1F to manufacture a replacement :scream_cat: However it all worked out in the end.
I built my table and assembled my 1F this week-end.
So far, so good. Now I’m learning CAD/CAM.

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Just got the notice from UPS that #12765 is due to be delivered on 4/20. I’m in the 3/28 batch so it sounds like they are a couple weeks behind. It is going to be a long week . . .

Hey Tim was that labels created notification or it’s actually shipped?

This was the message:

This message was sent to you at the request of ONEFINITY c/o Borderworx Logistics to notify you that the shipment information below has been transmitted to UPS. The physical package may or may not have actually been tendered to UPS for shipment. To verify the actual transit status of your shipment, click on the tracking link below.

Tracking indicates UPS does not yet have the boxes. From others I assume that takes a few days.


I ship packages every weekday via UPS. The label is created and the message to customer goes out. Actual tracking on doesn’t start until the first scan which can happen when a driver picks up the shipment or when it is dropped off at the local UPS hub. For me, 99% of the time, both things happen on the same day. The only exception to that is when I label shipments on the weekend, at which time customers will see tracking activity start on Monday.

It has been 5 days and the UPS notification still has not been updated. Not sure what is taking so long but assuming they don’t update on the weekend. Hopefully later today.

I assume that there’s a lag because 1F has to prepare a label, have it picked up (not sure which company does this), bring it to the border where Borderworx gets it through customs, then UPS is notified that a package is ready to be picked up, and then it’s picked up.

Anything can happen at the border. I once had some PEX piping sit for over a month because some idiot though that a duty hadn’t been paid yet did nothing to inform anyone. Since dealing with them is next to impossible the seller eventually just shipped it a second time and waited until customs returned it back to them. From what I understand it has to go through both Canadian and US customs (unlike when you are just crossing it for pleasure and only need to stop at the border of the country you are entering).

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order 12890 it’s here so excited

Here = arrived or Here = shipping email is here? :slight_smile:

arrived today I live in Ontario Canada but I ordered from the US site because the dollar was strong in the beginning of January so it saved me some money

Finally got the update from UPS today for #12765. The labels email came on 4/14. Delivery is now scheduled for 4/26. Seems like the wait never ends. . .

Not sure why they would create the shipping labels so early. You are getting close, much closer than I. I’m at least four months out. :frowning:

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My order #13250 says week of 4/18 on the website. It doesn’t look good for this month for me since they are now testing the orders promised for 4/11.
They must be cranking them out as fast as they can. Good for them (onefinity) I have a feeling that it will be worth the wait. tap tap tapping fingers, hmmmm, maybe I should build a new shop while I wait

At this point I think it looks like about a 14 day lag. I am glad they are taking the time to build them correctly and not allowing a schedule to push them . Mine was to ship 5/16 I’m not planning for a shipment until first week in June. It’s all good