Delivery dates correct

What’s your number Dave? I’m 13990 in the same delivery group as you.

I’ll be happy to see 3 heavy boxes on my doorstep by the beginning of June if they can keep the current pace!

Nick my number 13914, I am looking forward to it as well. I just hope I am able to get it up and running! Old dog and new tricks ?

12924 order just arrived today. The machine is so much sturdier than I thought. Well made and goes together with hardly an effort. Boxes took some wear and tear but inside everything was well packaged and safe. Documentation in the packages other than labels for the parts is sorely lacking. No mention of vetric pro carve I ordered is included in my shipment

#13705 just arrived !

Received FedEx notice with tracking numbers that my shipment is scheduled to be sent today.
Estimated delivery June 14th (to Richmond, B.C.)

Label printed on 6/4 and as of 6/8 no movement. Not upset just sharing for planning purposes of others.


Update: Just got an email tonight that it is to be delivered on Thursday. Order 13990.

Yippi Ki Yay, less than 900 away!!!

Update shipped from Buffalo @6:34 pm. I am pumped only90 miles away 810 miles less but who’s competing. :grinning:

Update - received email last night that my packages are on the way! Hope I can get my enclosure finished this weekend.

I received my OF at 3:15 pm today
Now I just need to figure out how to assemble , cause it to function and what to do with it.

I am in for a wonderful learning curve
Love it

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Props to FedEx. They got my packages very late Tuesday (Jun 8) and instead of the planned delivery on Monday, I received them before 10 this morning! Unfortunately, my Mitz-inspired enclosure isn’t finished yet.

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The order info page hasn’t changed status in about 3 weeks now. Has anyone received theirs in the last few days that can offer insight to where they are on the list?

We were early 13xxx for our WW. I didn’t see the dates updated at all…supposed to be week of Apr 11 (still shows that), actually received early May.

As the order list gets longer, I would expect those dates to slip more, so I don’t plan to receive our QCW+leg kit to come until Sep, and the JM X-50 upgrade until early Oct.

I think they have been struggling with COVID in their shipping department and everything has slowed down. Don’t know how long it will take to get back up to speed.

That is very unfortunate and I pray for the quick recovery and good health of those affected.

I’m sure they are being overwhelmed with emails asking about the status. It may be more helpful to keep the orders page up to date so everyone is informed and won’t feel the need to reach out via email. I think people are understanding…we just need to be informed.

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I agree! I have no problem waiting but would just like to be informed on where they are.

Yes I too can wait as long as they keep us informed with correct time table. We have all waited this long so I guess a couple more weeks won’t hurt. I just want an update. They did mention the entire shipping crew is on Covid protocol though. You can’t help that

For those interested in the timeline, I was order #14570 and received mine today. So far I’ve spent 1 hour setting up the machine and 3 hours setting up the dust boot and vacuum boom. LOL.


14572 - Fedex tracking says next Thursday the 15th Jul 2021

Western Canada