USA shipping with Borderworks

Borderworks created 3 UPS shipping labels on 4/8/21 for my order but UPS still has not taken position of them as of yet. Is there something I’m supposed to be doing? I imagine there’s duty tax or import tax that’s going to be due. Am I somehow supposed pay said import tax before Borderworks releases them to UPS? Can anyone share how the process works and the time line for getting thier order past customs and into the USA…?
It sure would be helpful if Onefinity had an FAQ page on thier site.

Patience grasshopper. :slight_smile: you are soooooo much closer to a big ass smile on your face!

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Once you get the borderworks stuff… Just wait a week and assemble your new machine.

sit back and relax. It’s almost there!. Boarderworks usually takes about a week to get it over the boarder, then a day or two to your door! No import or duty for you in the USA.