Borderworx UPS Notification

I just received 3 UPS shipping notification from a Borderworx location in Sanborn NY, which is about 60 miles away from me. I ordered my X50 Woodworker 1 week ago as of today, and its saying that the expected delivery is tomorrow (3/21/23)!

In the details, it says that the shipper has created the label today about 3 hours ago (3/20/23). And that UPS has not received the package yet. Same for all 3 notifications.

My question would be, what are are the talking about? How can this be accurate?

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What’s the issue? Sounds like you are getting what you ordered before you expected it.

I got a notification from them as well last Thursday, it still says they have created a shipping label only and soon will have a estimated delivery date.
Who knows

No issue at all! Just hard to believe. I hope it’s true . . . I just highly doubt it. lol

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Goodluck trying to contain your excitement! :rofl:

I got the same notification from Borderworx, that I was getting my shipment tomorrow. However, UPS only showed the label as being created. Tomorrow came and went, no shipment. The next day I got notification of shipment from Kirbre Enterprises. Shortly after that UPS sent notification of a rescheduled delivery date. I then started to see progress of the delivery in UPS tracking. So, that first notification from Borderworx of a "tomorrow " delivery is a head fake.

It all came a few days later. All together it took 10 days from the time I ordered till UPS pulled into my driveway. Can’t complain . . . oh wait . . . I did. lol.

I just hate waiting.

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