Are the shipping estimates off?

I’m #11636 I’m super anxious and I’m confused on when I’m supposed to receive the machine it says the 8th estimated delivery date and I talked to the company they said they just updated the list a week ago and It doesn’t even say they started to test that block of units also I haven’t received a tracking number so I assume it hasn’t been shipped so is this what everyone is experiencing? Are the estimates off so far off that there still testing 2/1/2121 block and haven’t shipped them?

Hi William
I don’ think so my delivery was schedule for the first week of February, I got my tracking number on the February 3 and irt was at my home this saturday morning February 6

Ok thanks for the reply so even though it says testing and packing you actually received it already that’s misleading glad to hear it is still coming on time

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One reason I think it is already in is because I am not very far from theme ± 6 hours. They update there web site every Thusday I think.

I received my tracking number on the 3rd as well and it still says “Shipping Label Created” but has not yet shipped.

Typically it is a week after the label is created that you start to see movement. I believe they are sending them to borderworx in mass.

Dang so mine possibly will be a week off. I’m just anxious I’ve been waiting sense October and I can’t wait to start I’m sure everyone went through that

Is there any update on your shipping? Mine is due to be in the testing and packing stage this week. I’m anxious also seems like Wednesday is when people get first notification of lable created than the week after they ship off but I’m just reading everyone’s post and comments.

Mine is to be delivered today at first said tomorrow but changed yesterday and I live in California so I’m across the country from where it started from

I got my shipping label made a week ago so about 3 days after it was supposed to be delivered and delivered a little over a week past the estimate

Ok awesome mine will take a few days longer because I am in Hawaii.

Update yesterday I got shipping label created and today it’s shipped with ETA 25 Feb so let’s see if it is on time.

Tracking shows ours shipped before “testing and packaging” was indicated on the wed page and is now due to arrive this Tuesday.
This is beyond the expected date but with weather and Covid delays I’d say it seems pretty much on time.

Nice. Mine sat in Cincinnati for 96hours. I woke up this morning excited cause it moved to Los Angeles. Now I hope it gets in a plane this evening and arrives tomorrow fingers crossed.

Looking at “Order Info” it looks like orders are about 2 weeks behind getting shipped. Am I reading this correctly ? My order is 13755 and shows shipping week of May 9 - for a while looked like it might make it to testing - but if “order Info” reflects whats going on that may be 1 to 2 weeks behind. I live in Colorado.

Yeah they were a week and a half behind on my order I wish the estimate we’re more accurate but I’m sure it’s hard to get them right on the dot.

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I’ve waited for 3 months - I’ll survive a couple extra weeks. guess that’s what you get when you decide on a popular machine. From looking at future numbers of sold - they will need to really expand production.

Im in the same boat as Michael, I’m order #13619 and supposed to ship this week (May 2 -9). A couple of more weeks wont matter but still wished it would get here.

Just got reply from onefinity support. They said about two weeks behind.