Shipping table seems stuck

Pretty excited about finally getting close to shipment day but havent seen an update on the shipping table in 2 weeks. Anyone in the know?

Like watching for water to boil… don’t do it ~it takes longer :slight_smile:

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LOL, so much truth there

My ship date is July 18, so i not even going to look until at least June…

Unfortunately it’s accurate. I was scheduled for the week of March 28th. I have a tracking number, but UPS is still waiting to receive it.

Yep, mine (#12765) was supposed to ship week of Mar 28 and I got the tracking number yesterday. I think the table is accurate. They are at least 2 weeks behind.

I noticed that they usually assemble, test and ship about 50 to 120 units per week. The week of Mar 21 the number jumps to 220 units and week of Mar 28 is 205 units and the week of Apr 4 is 225 units. The 2 week delay makes sense because the number of units per week almost doubled for 3 weeks in a row.

I saw that too. Although every order number is not necessarily a full machine so it’s hard to speculate

I am so excited My ship date is week of May16 and the just posted that it is in shipping mode. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to arrive. I will let you know. Destination is near Rochester NY,USA

David - mine took ~2 days after it was released in the US. Probably about a week total from initial “ship” to arrival.

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Mine is out for delivery today. Mine took about a week after shipping table changed to shipping before I got shipping notice. It took two business days after it was released in the US as well. I’m in Michigan.

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Just an update Ups just notified me that a label has been produced and that they will be handling 3 packages weighing 135lbs. I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE!!! IT took 3days for label to be made with ups. Yippy yippy. 13914. Order #

WooHoo, just got mine today

I am 13990. Just got a UPS email.