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Shipping - received notice from UPS that I had a shipment for tomorrow 6/15/2021 sent on Friday. Ups website showed 1:15 - 4:00 as delivery time, it now says check-back tomorrow. Contacted UPS they are now saying the don’t have the shipment yet even though they have assigned a tracking number. Am guessing the number is for when UPS actually picks up the shipment from Borderworks. A confusing system to say the least. Onefinity shows shipped, again guessing that means to Borderworks, for customs and whatever. Is my assumption correct?

Hi Ron - that is likely the case. I would give it a few days - if you don’t get an accurate shipping notification, reach out to OF.


Mine was in that state for around a week before I saw updates.

The way mine worked was the first estimated date I got was the day it made it to borderworks/cleared customs. I had an updated date that date and it was 2 days after. I am in DFW, TX, but 2 days from the day it cleared customs… I think this is pretty much the standard time frame from others as well.

I don’t know this for certain, but I am guessing that UPS drops off an empty Semi and picks up a full one on Thursday or Friday of each week. That gives OF all week to load 400 to 500 boxes and then UPS drivers don’t deal with individual boxes. My order # is 14177 and I was notified of the tracking number on Friday Jun 11, but it’s still in “Label Created” status. OF status still says “Shipping”, so I guess that means they are still loading the truck. When it changes to “Shipped”, I’m expecting the UPS status will change for all buyers that received a tracking number during the week. I am at the beginning of the order range: 14175 to 14325. 151 orders at 3 boxes per order would be 453 boxes (obviously some of those are individual items, not the CNC machine, so mileage may vary).

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And we wait got msg yesterday 6/17 that due to illness of folks in shipping dept our systems will be delayed - expected full crew 6/17 and would be working weekends until caught up.

I received that email also (didn’t see it until a few minutes ago).
Thanks for posting that on here so other people know what’s going on.
Waiting with great anticipation!!!

First one and now two (of my three) packages are showing as picked up on UPS tracking (in the past hour). UPS estimates delivery on Wednesday, June 30 to Indianapolis, Indiana area. Anyone else seeing movement?

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They updated the shipping page yesterday so I am guessing they are making forward momentum again.

Mine is also scheduled for 6/30.

All three packages are in Buffalo, NY this morning, so should be here tomorrow.

All three packages arrived today. Thank you OneFinity!!!

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Hello Dean,
I am in DFW area as well and anxiously awaiting my woodworker. Perhaps we could talk and bounce some ideas off each other? I am new to all of this except I use CAD software at work. I know it’s going to be a big learning curve for me but I have lots of patience thank GOD!

Yes Sir. Finally order # 14235 has arrived and from the looks of all 3 boxes I believe will be in good condition. It was a very long wait but worth it for me. I will get it set up after we return from the 4th celebration trip.

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Good on you. I’m Still waiting for 14090. Sat at Heathrow for almost a week. “clearance events” every day - feels like they give one of the boxes a kick and call it a clearance event. So near, yet so far

Well hang in there Andy, you are about to see what the long wait was worth. I haven’t set mine up yet but I have inspected it and I was quite impressed.

Anyone ever get theirs before the shipping info on the website? Mine won’t be shipped until the week of September 11 and I’m chomping at the bit LOL

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