What to expect when expecting

So I purchased the Onefinity, my order is 11274 I’m assuming they start working on it next week. I am in California and I am wondering what to expect next.

Once testing is complete, am I to expect a tracking number?

Not sure if there are customs fees since it’s coming from Canada, if so how will I pay and/or process?

Any other unforeseeable things I am missing?

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There are no additional fees, everything is paid in full. You should received an initial shipping email, just notifying that they’ve created the shipping label. Could be several days after this that it actually ships out. I believe shipping originates from the US, not Canada.

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I just received mine a few weeks ago. It came via DSL. I had a two part delivery, one delivery was the touch probe and the second delivery was the 3 boxes that the OneFinity comes packed in. What part of CA are you in?

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Thanks for the info. I am East of San Diego

@BBStacker - you mean DHL? I think that’s how mine was delivered.


DHL, yes. Either fat fingers, slow brain, or distracted while typing.

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