Shipping (Order Info Page)

It has been almost 2 weeks since the order info page was updated, whats up with that???

What is the current order status. I have read comments from customers that have a newer order number than I do receiving their product???

Hey Dale,

That’s normal. We’re used to it. It may take weeks.

Who knows?

This can happen if you ordered different things in a single order. E. g. you would have received your CNC machine already but you don’t because the QCW Frame is backordered to a later date.

Thank You for your help

I thought they were shipping the QCW frames separately. I’d have cancelled my Journeyman if I had known it was going to be held up for the QCW which is a nice-to-have & not a critical component (the CNC could live on the plywood torsion box top with a temporary MDF spoilboard).

I’m pretty sure I saw a 1F post saying that they’d ship the CNC without waiting. I expected my delays simply based on the X50 rail sourcing and their normal overestimation of their delivery speed.

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Hey Jim,

I’m just guessing, but this may depend on the total shipping costs. When we got the message that the QCW frames were being delivered late, we asked whether we would receive the CNC machine separately and earlier, and we were told they intend to ship it together because we’re in Germany (EU).

It should be noted that the amount of shipping cost we pay is over $600. Imagine what it would cost them if they shipped it separately. In our case, shipping it together is welcome by us for different reasons (e.g. because things from outside the EU need to be fetched at the customs office in order to pay the Import VAT, and we don’t want to drive there twice, and there may be other good reasons too), but in the event that it is different with others, like it is for you as you stated, I would contact Onefinity and ask them.

I would ask (NOT info or support) directly what they do in your case. I expect our shipping to the prospected date for the QCW Frame since we answered them that shipping it together is what we want.

EDIT: Note that the Order Info Page has been updated today. Btw, I read there:

Accessories purchased with a machine will ship with the machine according to the shipping chart below.

That would mean your order is shipped with the prospected date of the most-backordered item that your order contains.

Yeah. I understand why they’d do it & where it makes sense for the buyer sometimes as well.

I’ll have to see if I can just pay for the extra shipping or just cancel the QCW and then order it separately so it doesn’t hold up the Journeyman.

I’ve just started on my mobile cart with tilting table. I’m going long vs tall so it revolves around an axle in line with the 72" dimension.

Might not be a bad thing for the shipping delay but I could also use the boxes sitting in the garage as incentive.

I haven’t seen any info on when the QCW is expected to ship. I’ll have to see what 1F tells me.

Hey Jim,

If it’s that important for you I believe each of them should be easily feasible if you drop them a line via E-Mail.

I think I would do that in this orientation as well. I also wonder if it would prevent this from happening:

If built in the other orientation, with Y Axes vertically and X Axis parallel to ground, there would be two idling ball screws and steppers against which gravity has to fight. And it would not be the spindle that moves down but the X Axis then. Anyway that’s a problem which disappears if one swaps the steppers for servos.

I think that would be a very strong incentive. But I think building a table should not be done in a hurry, and it can’t anyway.

I wonder if the fact that I will receive the CNC machine together with the QCW Frame could lead to mounting it with no table at all. My poor back then. Got to do a lot of Yoga then.

But you could see it on the Order Info page, penultimate column.

Yep, I saw that yesterday after this started. It’s only a couple weeks later than the Journeyman is scheduled by itself so I’ll likely leave my order unchanged. I’ve not been obsessing over the shipping schedule so hadn’t looked in awhile. It appears they’ve adjusted it to account for their real throughput vs what was posted through the summer.

That table design has the issue because it only rotates in one direction. The Fisher table can rotate in either direction so easy enough to rotate it to where the router is parked either on the left or right of the x-axis.

Regardless though, a simple tall bench dog inserted in the spoilboard would take care of stopping it from slipping if I wanted the router on the top vs bottom when spun around. Would also be pretty trivial to cut a C-shaped fixture to hold it against the side and eliminate any continuous gravity load in the motors or bearings. Not sure why it was such a big deal for that poster :slightly_smiling_face:

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