Machinist QCW Shipping Update?

I’m feeling like an orphan-There isn’t even a category in the shipping page for the Machinist QCW. According to my order number, it would be due to ship Oct 24 or Nov 7, depending on whether it’s grouped with the Woodworker or Journeyman. I understand the supply-line difficulties, but it would sure ease the frustration if I could realistically track it.

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Hey Michael… Please send an email to and they’ll be able to give you an anticipated delivery date.

I did that…no reply. Talked to customer support on the phone and was told two to three weeks, which is what I was told two to three weeks ago. As I said, I understand the problem, just want to be better informed.


Hey Michael… Sorry about the delays! I’ll personally look into it tomorrow and let you know a firm delivery date. It shouldn’t be long now. Talk soon…

Thanks Mark. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hey, Mark! Any news?

Hi Michael - it was a pleasure speaking with you and I will continue to keep you updated as far as the shipment status of the Machinist QCW frame.

Thank you,

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Agustin, thanks for the call. I’m glad to hear that the parts are on hand and my QCW will ship when they return from the anodizer in two weeks or less. ~Mike