Anyone received a Journeyman QCW SFA?

I have one on order and am waiting on its delivery. I received my Journeyman about a month ago and hoping to receive the QCW soon so I can get this machine running.

Has anyone received one yet and if so, can you give me some feedback? Photos would be much appreciated.

The same, waiting for news of shipping . I see they have stopped updating the shipping status as of Nov. 24 and state they do not plan any further updates to their chart. . They say we should expect then 10-15 weeks from order date. I have been waiting 25 weeks now.

My JM (ordered 1st wk of Aug) shipped a couple of weeks ago without the QCW. I reached out to 1F about my QCW because I didn’t want to build out a spoil board if my QCW was coming soon. They recommended I go ahead and setup a spoil board because my QCW wouldn’t ship until after the turn of the year. Parts needed are apparently not being received.

I gave up and canceled my order. I am not blaming Onefinity at all. I know they are having difficult issues with their supply chain and are trying hard. I simply found another solution and moved ahead with the installation of the machine.

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I just got mine this week… Journeyman QCW, missing the manual and template. So I stumbled back here .

So far it looks good

There is no paper manual.
Did you get the ‘from above’ or ‘from below’? From below does not have a template.

From above. Basically got the metal/plastic parts and a bag of bolts.

Just made a hardwood template, so no need to mail it. But a packing list inside would have been nice. Kinda like the woodworker when I got it. :grinning:

Let me add while upgrading I am doing a good cleaning … be honest folks when was the last time?

I made a VCarve project for the two slat sizes. My QCW is delayed another month or so. Would you be willing to check it against your template? If it’s good, I’ll post it for people to use.

Sure, I was going to do the same.

For me it is a chicken and egg issue. Upgrading the woodworker to a Journeyman and adding the QCW.

Let’s just say this experience is “fussy”, as in the the bolts are flat (as opposed to ground slightly) so they are not self centering when it comes to the nut. To be honest my wife and are not not as accurate as the CNC so some holes need to be shop adjusted.

Ok so the wasteboard is installed… emphasis on waste. It is 100% functional just not pretty.

My improvised template was off a bit. So I:

  • increased the hole dia by 1/32" (the tolerance stack up helped)

  • Had to distort one hole pretty bad, and add another 1/32 to another hole

A few notes:

  1. I will be visiting HF for a set of metric T handle hex drivers and or a hex driver attachment

  2. Jim Hatch, My holes were a “crude approximation” and an annoyance to fit. I would be interested to know if the CNC versions installed carefree. If I had to do it again I would not make the slats with holes, rather I would try to make “slots”. Say 0.25+1/8" length and 0.25+1/32 width. I think this would ease the assembly without weaking the structure.

  3. I wished the screws would have been self centering (ie unthreaded tip that is smaller dia then the threads)

  4. This thing is HEAVY and I don’t even have the journeyman mounted to it.

This frame appears to be a beast. I look forward to putting it through it’s paces

That’s an interesting approach. I’ll post my current design files when I get back home this weekend. I may also take a shot at implementing your modification as an alternative.

These are known as ‘extended tip’ or ‘dog point’ screws.

They have no thread on the beginning of the shaft to make them easier to start.

Maybe look at making the holes at one end a standard round hole and the others slotted to allow for alignment. Then the one round hole fixes the location and the others do not have to be precisely spaced allowing for any variation in the rivnut locations.

Yup knew what I wanted, just didn’t know the name. I am always learning thanks.

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