Anyone have a wasteboard file for the Journeyman QCW?

anyone have a wasteboard file for the Journeyman QCW?

Hey Jason,

Search term was: QCW wasteboard Journeyman

@Aiph5u that is not what he was asking. A file for surfacing the waste board.

Hey Frank,

I haven’t seen one here yet, I could have overlooked one. But if the QCW frame arrives here and meets my expectations for squareness and planarity, I will certainly make a file that cuts out the QCW wasteboard parts and drills their holes (and also one which then flattens it if necessary) and then be happy to share it. The above-mentioned PDF as a basis should be sufficient for this.
But I’m sure someone will be faster than me.


As will I :slight_smile: I think it’s silly to have to make a pile of holes of different sizes by hand when I have a perfectly good CNC :smiley: I have a VCarve Pro file but no idea if it will work in real life yet. Not sure what the tolerance is going to be on the QCW frame & the revnuts they have for the slats to screw into. I figure I’ll run it on a temporary wasteboard of MDF since I want to thru drill. Otherwise I’ll end up scuffing my tabletop.

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Hey Jim,

Yes, seriously you don’t want to make these parts like this :slight_smile:. Especially if it’s wasteboard and you have to do it over and over.

Sure, if someone has no other wasteboard, it will have to be done the first time and once by hand. But for the Secure from Above version, hopefully not without a drill stop!

Star-M No.5005 Drill Stopper

QCW Manual: "Counterbore to a depth of 3/8″

(…in the video they suggest marking that depth with tape on the drill bit)

Yes, you got to have it in your hands first

Yes, that was my thought too. And first drill the holes and then mill the outlines of the parts. Have you ever thought about how to clamp it?

I’ll use a v-bit to make a line on the temp wasteboard that will be parallel to the X-axis. Then I figure I’ll cut the slats using a table saw. I’ll mount one at a time across the temporary waste board so I can do the whole part and align it with my I initial carve line. I’ll mount them to the temp wasteboard using 23ga pin nails.

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I cut out all of the pieces to my Journeyman rotating table (modified Fisher table) today. Four sheets of 3/4" plywood. I’m adding some more structure in the torsion box so it’s a cross-hatch pattern instead of just a set of ribs running the width of the table every foot. I figure that will help stiffen it up which will be helpful since I’m making it longer than he did.

I haven’t cut out the drawers yet. Those will be 1/2" ply and I want to wait until I actually have the end cabinet ready so I can make sure I maximize their size without going over. Because I had to add a couple of feet in length I stole some room out of the drawer cabinet. So the drawers will only be about 6" deep x 20" long but that should actually be good for a router table. Don’t want to be treating them like junk drawers. Just storage for the monitor, bits, tape, glue, calipers, etc. I’m also going to put in a couple of 3ft x 18" x 4" drawers in the bottom where he’s just got cubbyholes. I’ll put the vacuum hose down there and maybe extension cords, etc.

Hey guys,

Did anyone end up doing this? I want to get started but very beginner on. CAD.