Flattening the QCW wasteboard

Hello, All! Question about flattening strategies given the QCW MDF edges are outside the reach of the machine.

I’m new to CNC’s and have just assembled my woodworker with the makita router onto the QCW secure-from-below frame with 3/4” MDF…securely mounted-from-below.

I have installed the Amana tool RC-2265 1.5” diameter surfacing bit that I had intended to use to flatten the QCW MDF but I’m not sure what my next step should be because the QCW MDF strips are outside the reach of the bit.

Do I simply flatten the area that can be reached and leave a lip/step on the edge of the QCW MDF strips?

Should I always plan on putting another sacrificial wasteboard on top of the QCW wasteboard that matches the reachable dimensions of the machine and just flatten that one?

I suppose another option would be to adjust the recommended QCW MDF strip width/lengths to be within the available cutting reach of my fly cutter.

In typing this question it seems like “it depends” is the likely answer. Haha.


My QCW Frame is about to arrive. I’m planning add a waste board on top of the Qcw wasteboard.

I’m going to do this because I do a lot of 2 sided work and use dowel pins to register the top/bottom locations. I also use 2 sided tape for the hold down.

I don’t want dowel pins accidentally drilled in the frame t-channel, I don’t use t-channel hold downs and I want a continuous surface for the hold down tape.

In the end, I think it is personal preference and work style.

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Thanks for the insight, Daryl! Being so new to this world I haven’t any preferences on t-tracks or not for work holding, yet.

I’m leaning heavily toward your approach, as well. That is, using the other half the 4x8 MDF sheet that was used for the QCW strips to cut a 32”x32” wasteboard and using the QCW t-tracks to bolt it down…


I also have a mounted-from-below QCW. I was thinking of two types of boards to put on top. One small that can be clamped into place. Then a larger one still thinking how big, held down may with bolts into the t-tracks.

Now that I surfaced I have a lip at the back now.

By leaving the boards full length waste board you could use the lip that gets left as a straight edge guide.

The other option is like you stated… “adjust the recommended QCW MDF strip width/lengths to be within the available cutting reach of my fly cutter.”

Adding a second waste board to solve this issue seems like overkill unless it is to satisfy a specific use case.

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So I just got my entire machine and QCW frame setup. I am really stumped that the wasteboard instructions have you cutting boards that are 42" long for the Y axis. Seems quite wasteful - you cant surface 10" on the back. I do like the front lip for alignment of square.


I chose to set mine up over hanging the front and only as far back as the router could surface. Essentially made it the size of the cutting envelope.