Flattening wasteboard on qcw from underneath

I am stumped, i took apart my custom stand and just put together the new qcw from underneath, even by lowering the setup of my z to the lowest bottom screws, the bit wont reach the 3/4 mdf?

Is adding another mdf board on top the only solution, doesn’t sound right? Looked at several videos, even the one from 1f he is surfacing a board on top, which makes using the t-tracks useless?

Hi Richard! I have the same setup as you, QCW from bottom, and the X35 with stiffy rail. When mountng the Z on the lowest set of holes, I had no issues reaching the spoilboard. Can you confirm you are not using the mounting holes on the stiffy rail? I have heard of issues like yours when attaching to those by mistake. I did end up mounting a 3/4" MDF on top, but not for this reason. I never use the tslots, and prefer the contiguaous surface area for my painters tape and CA glue hold down method.

No not using the top rail, but the gantry sits on it so thats the lowest i can go see pics

It looks like it still has some travel room in -Z. Is that as far down as the hand controller allows you to go? I am going to go look at mine and report back.


Mine goes all the way down, as should yours. Then it would easily reach the spoilboard.


Richard, give me a shout through FB Messenger and I’ll try to help you.

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Thanks for your help, i went through the steps again, and it works, i suspect i forgot to reset my xyz initially which blocked my z from lowering to the surface

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