Waste Board for the Journeyman with the QCW frame

I have created a file for surfacing and laying out the grid with numbers.

Each board has two tool paths(one for grid and numbers) allowing you to redo a board when it has become unusable and not have to do all the boards.

Onefinity CNC Journeyman & QCW Frame – Waste board surfacing and Grid – Silentmars Workshop



Did you only surface the 5 big MDF slats and leave the two small ones on the ends unsurfaced? The router can’t reach the ends of the small MDF slats so was wondering how people surfaced it on the QCW frame.



Yes, only surfaced the 5 slats, the router can not reach the sides.

The next time I replace my mdf I will also cut them shorter not need the full length of the y. I will just mount some thinner prices of wood. But the sides not sure yet. Have not had to worry about having anything near it yet.

Newby question…whats the thickness of the mdf? .5 or .75? Having some challenges finding mdf at the moment. (Getting a below mount qcw frame ) for my new journeyman.

.75 is better I found for the QCW from below. Gives you the ability to resurface a few times and will have less of an issue with being over the Z limit when trying to do the surfacing.

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3/4” thick MDF - readily available at HD or Lowe’s. I put my Journeyman on the rolling stand and because of the weight, had to screw in every screw from underneath the table. My impact driver didn’t work with the provided screws so I did a pilot hole in each one and it took me a while to get all of the MDF slats in.

Now because I don’t want to replace the original MDF slats again, I plan to put another piece of MDF wasteboard on top of the original to use as my wasteboard. Shouldn’t be an issue with my Z as I’m a beginner and am doing basic projects now

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do you now wish you had bought the top loading qcw?

I got the Mount from Above, so no lifting. You can use the template and instructions on the website, or remember you can also mill the holes with the 1F. They give you all the measurements and hole locations on the template. I think someone has already posted a file. If not here then on the Facebook page.

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Nope, didn’t like the idea of having to do the template. Now I have done it once, I think will be faster next time. Also added a pully to the rafter above to hold on to the frame once it is up. It is very heavy once all the MDF is installed.

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Is the purchasable file for the BELOW QCW?

Yes, Imperial and Metric versions. But they can be used on the from above version also.

I found I had not updated my website, updated Esty and forgot about my site, now its UpToDate.

Surfacing Waste board and grid files.

Any coupons available? lol

Not yet but I will let you know.