Newbie with questions

I need some sage advice from you all
I know I will be getting a 1F so no questions there
My question is size, so here it goes

As many others on Here my “Shop” aka spare garage has small amount of space and I so love the flip top version of a roll away cart you see on here, I was wondering would an x-50 48x32 be able to be placed on one of these type of tables with no sagging or issues?

Aside from being able to put a full sheet of plywood on there I am thinking the x50 32x32 would work better.

I am looking for input

I plan on signs and gifts and maybe dig into some cabinetry and the like

Thanks, you guys are awesome!!!

Hey Dan. Welcome to the forums.

I tend to over-engineer stuff in general so I’ll probably spare you my input on this. “Bigger is better” would always be my go-to but it’s not always necessary.

However, if space is a serious issue, Onefinity does offer a wall-mount system to accommodate your machine. It’s comprised of a wall mount and a quick-change wasteboard frame that allows you to effectively slide the entire machine off the shop floor on a whim.

If that’s not for you, you could definitely extrapolate the dimensional data from those manuals to get an idea of what size of a tabletop you’ll need. As far as personal experience, though, I’ve found my Woodworker X-35 / Stiffie setup lives well atop a table constructed of 1x4’s and 3/4" hardwood ply without showing any signs of sagging. The machine’s actually remarkably light for how rigid and capable it is.

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Thank you for the welcome and for the info

I have seen the Wall mount and “to me” it just doesn’t seem right-I’m thinking to much un-needed stress on machine……I don’t know maybe that’s just me….

There are many plans on the forum but I’m leaning towards the 48x32 but that means a single bench for the machine that I can roll around

The 32x32 would fold up and have a smaller footprint

Once again thank you for the input

You all are awesome

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Ah, you’re definitely very welcome.

I’m not working sales for Onefinity or anything but, just of the sake of being informative, have a gander at the following video.

I would commit to saying that Onefinity wouldn’t release something that would inevitably make their product look bad. There’s a definite advantage to going in this direction but, if you’re accustomed to working with industrial machinery, it could come off as a bit unorthodox, having a cnc dangling from a wall and running jobs vertical. :wink:

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Hey Dan,

Jim @JimHatch spread around the progress on his Fisher-style table modified to accomodate the 48″x32″ Journeyman, here are some pictures in these threads:

If I wanted a fold-up / fold-down / flippable table, I would like this one.

Or do you refer to the Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit, from which the manufacturer first said it is not for Journeyman, only for Woodworker model, but after people reported they used it with Journeyman the manufacturer added:

Caution: Due to the weight, the Rolling-Folding Stand may not be ideal for use with the Onefinity Journeyman model. When using the Rolling-Folding Stand with the Journeyman model, two (2) people are required to unfold and fold the Rolling-Folding Stand.

–Source: Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit

If your question refer to whether people tried this kit with Journeyman model, you may be interested in this:

Welcome to the forum.

Great video!!


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Thank you for the welcome

THANK YOU for the plethora of info……this is what I was looking for, well, actually if it was possible and now I see a possibility I need to reconsider

You all are just great!!

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In 15 years of CNC (laser, router, plasma) I’ve never wished for smaller and I’ve upgraded the size of all of those. The 48" width will be very helpful for cabinetry work.

No issues or sagging. It’s perfect for my purposes because I tilt it up and the thing is only 22" deep. When I rotate it all the way around I have a clear 6’x4’ table I can use for other work. I have enough storage in drawers on the side for all the normal stuff - tape, CA glue, dust boot, end mills, wrenches, spare parts, etc. All the wiring is tucked away in the table. The controller stays out of the dust in the cabinet on the end. The vac hose, etc. fit under the table in a couple of open cubbies.

The only thing is that the JM is heavy. Yeah, really heavy. It’s a bear to rotate by hand. Doable but I’m getting too old for wrestling heavy things so I put a 12V winch on the back of the platform and use it to rotate or release the table to rotate. That’s an extra $60 or so depending on your winch source.


Thanks for the info

Do you by chance have plans for your table with the changes you made and maybe a material list?

Here’s a link to Fisher’s website:

And a link to his assembly video:

After you get through them, I can fill you in on what I did to change it to fit the JM and another change I’d make now that I didn’t then (increase the depth of the drawers by about 6" and reduce the table width by the same - it doesn’t need to be 6ft wide).

I may also have the cutlistoptimizer plan for breaking down the plywood into all the component pieces since mine was different than his - he was building for a WW.

You are awesome

Thank you - I’m leaving today till the weekend and will jump on this asap when I return

Get ready for some questions

So again this can fit the X-50 48x32 with no issues right?

Should I also order the wasteboard ridgid frame as well?

I’ve been using the journeyman on the rolling folding stand for months and it has been great. Any questions on the set up please let me know

You all are giving a newbie the confidence needed

Thank you for your thoughts and boost to the “lead balloon” that hold my confidence level…lol

Just wanna do my best

Thanks again!!

Yes indeed.

I wouldn’t if I were doing it again. It provides no real useful purpose and actually makes things a bit harder with the way the wasteboard is slatted and oddly sized. I got the QCW after I had my JM up and running for a couple of months and the 3ftx4ft piece of MDF I was using originally for a spoilboard worked well. I’m not a t-track clamping guy so the QCW’s t-tracks don’t add anything. I use pin nails, blue tape or double-sided tape to hold things down. Even with the QCW I’m still doing the same despite having t-tracks available. You could easily add t-tracks to the table cheaper than getting the QCW if that’s the only reason you want it.

Once again thank you so much for the insightful info