Table size all in one all inclusive

I am going to buy a onefinity machine. What I would like to know is; If I were to put all of the items on one cart including vacuum dust hoses, cable management, controller, boom arm for a larger monitor everything, including of course the x50 32x 48 1F machine, what size does everyone think would be needed?

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I think the answer’s going to be pretty much subjective because of how much space is considered “enough space” for the machine, its controller and the safe travel of its cabling along the Y axis.

From my perspective, I probably wouldn’t go any smaller than 48" x 60" to afford yourself a comfortable space into which the system fits with considerations for an enclosure, which you’ll likely conclude you’ll want once you experience how loud the machine can be while milling.

Personally, I went with a 4’ x 8’ table but that also accommodates a full-on workstation / shelving that lives next to the machine. It’s really coming down to what you need today and what you might inevitably need going forward.

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thanks i figured as much. as to the noise factor thisis probably the fist time in my life being hard of hearing is an advantage:) PS my shop is in the back yard and not close to any neighbors

Indeed. The trim router produces soul-piercing noise. It’s like demons screaming directly at you for no justifiable reason. As a machinist, you are thoroughly blessed indeed. :wink: