Journeyman & Folding/Rolling Cart

Hello Onefinity,

With the Journeyman have access to the wasteboard and rolling cart upgrades? I am so excited by what you have been releasing. You are doing it right and wish you all the best.


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Thank you! I should have waited an hour and checked your site!

I hope you are flooded with orders!!!


They already got a bunch of my money this morning… I can’t justify buying the frame yet, if I cant buy the rail at the same time. So will need to wait another week or so to make that decision.

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Will the Journeyman QCW Frame work with the existing folding frame kit or does it require a different one?

it will. It will use the same folding parts for either size.


@OnefinityCNC is there any wiring management built into the QCW?

@Hypercube - no. Just the tubes.


Sounds like it’s time to design 3D printed or milled parts :grimacing: I’ll just need details on rail size, etc.

@onefinitycnc can you give us the size of the slats?

Looks like 7 3/4", but @OnefinityCNC needs to confirm.


I spoke to support today and they said the rolling cart wont work with the journeyman and they refunded me. Does it work with it?

@Hypercube Jared I plan on designs for wire management early July so items will be able to be purchased in Early August.

Thanks Peter. I may buy yours or I may design and print or carve my own.

Was that automatic? I’m thinking of getting it despite the caveat. I’m assuming the reason for the “doesn’t work” statement is because of the need for extra support across the width of X axis of the QCW due to the extra width.

I’m thinking that if I put a strut up from each leg crosspiece and then one under the center of the stand (under the QCW) that it would provide the support to prevent any flex of the QCW. Was thinking simple 1" square tubing and pivots at the ends so it would continue to fold.

My other option would be to build a modification of Fischer’s rolling flip-top table to use a larger table instead. That’s nearly 2ft deep though and I was hoping for something a little thinner for my current shop.

Anyone else thinking of modifying the folding-rolling support table from OneFinity?

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It was not automatic, but once they saw the complete order they said, it wont work. I highly doubt the reason is the span since that same frame can be mounted to the wall and raised/lowered, it would not work if it flexed. If anything I would assume it is the weight of the system on the legs.

Hmmm … That would seem fixable fairly easy although I wouldn’t have thought of the unit’s weight being that much more than the WW. Might be that it would be much harder to lift and fold - Myer’s video calls out that as an issue with the WW version.

Right now I’m planning on a modified Fischer tilting table to handle the larger size. But I’m shrinking his end drawer unit so I don’t need to extend it the whole 16" difference in size vs the WW.

After months of research I ordered the Journeyman last night. I have limited room for it which is why the tilt stand is a must for me. The website says it’s for the woodworker only, so I emailed Onefinity support and they confirmed that the rolling folding stand will work with the Journeyman and said that it will safely attach. I hope this is true and I will be ordering the stand and qwc frame whenever it’s back in stock

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Interesting. I asked back in August and they said no. So I ended up building my own. Be interested in if it really does work for you.

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Did it work for you? I am thinking about ordering one.