QCW Frame - needed?

So how many of you are getting the QCW frame for your existing 1F’s? I am about to order mine and since I don’t have experience - is this a necessary purchase or something you may want to look at down the road. The $500 can be used on other pieces so I was just curious if its a general quality of life upgrade or a necessary addition.

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Hey Paul,

I don’t currently have a 1F, but I decided to purchase the QCW frame and wheels on my initial purchase ( 1F expected to arrive in Sept ). With limited space I did not want to assemble and disassemble the 1F, even with it being an easy assembly process. Having the ability to fold up the 1F to store it in a smaller space as well as the freedom to move it to another location is a big plus for my needs. My only concern is that the frame and wheels are as robust as the 1F appears to be. Ben’s @MyersWoodshop video on both sealed my decision to go with the 1F with the base and wheels rather than another popular CNC brand.


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Ok - so maybe I am not getting the usage of the QCW - I assume changing out the wasteboard was a pain and this made it much easier to the point of a needed expense.

Space is not an issue for me.

The QCW helps with getting the system square (which really wasn’t much of an issue for me or most others) and removes any worry of your wasteboard sagging. The 1F can effectively be held up and completely work by setting it on 4 posts if you use the QCW. The fold-up wheel system is an example of how the QCW allows the 1F to work well with a minimum table set up underneath it.

Replacing the wasteboard really isn’t that hard, but somewhat depends on what style you put in. Systems with t-tracks (like the QCW) are pretty easy, anything with inserts/t-nuts is a little bit more work.

For me, if you put the 1F on a permanent table with decent stability, there’s really not much need for the QCW.

Thank you! (very much) so if you have a well built permanent table, that is flat, and secure - the QCW won’t give you extra rigidity. It may offer some ease of use when replacing a wasteboard, but that is about it.

That’s my opinion. I don’t own the QCW, so there might be something I’m missing.

I have the Journeyman on order along with the QCW (secure from above). Per an announcement by OF, both the Journeyman and the QCW are not available until late September.

I looked at the limited details available and decided to order it in late June. I am assuming that it will add rigidity to the assembly and also make changing the waste boards very simple. My current plan is to build a table/stand out of aluminum extrusions (80/20). I am hopeful the integrated structure of a highly rigid 80/20 stand, QCW, and machine rails will result in a torsionally rigid arrangement that will allow for some light machining of soft meals in addition to wood and plastics. But that is all to be proven when my order lands!


Are there advantages of Secure from Bottom versus Secure from Top???

I am debating flipping from the bottom mount to the top mount… Top mount requires precision drilling… Bottom does not. Bottom will also require access to the bottom which is why I am doubting it as a good option for me

My QCW video will be out on Sunday - I will post a link once it goes live.


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