Secure from above vs secure from below

Regarding the new Quick Change Wasteboard:

Secure from above vs Secure from below:

The “secure for above” has steel threaded PEMS installed giving you the ability to fasten the wasteboard without moving your Onefinity. The “secure from beneath” does not. Just .25" holes. The advantage to the latter is you do not have to perform custom machine, drilling, counter boring. You can simply go to Home depot and get them to cut the MDF up for you based on the provided dimensions. Once you get home all you need to do is screw it down. With the “secure from above” you’ll need to drill and counterbore the wasteboard based on the template we will provide.

The ‘secure from below’ is MUCH easier and faster to do and requires almost no diy/woodworking know-how. The ‘secure from above’ will be much more brain power/technical as you need to align and drill/countersink your own holes (and there are many of them) that need to match up exactly with the PEMS in the frame.

Basically, when in doubt, go for the underneath mount.


If only there was a machine that could do this type of machining/drilling/counter boring to within a fraction of a millimeter and then make it a repeatable via some type of file that could be saved…per the specs of course… Hmmmm… :thinking:

But I get where you are going for ease of application.


But isn’t cnc just clicking a button and ‘poof’, out comes what you wanted? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup - but the only problem with that is you need to be careful for what you wish for. Because you may get it…

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If I get the secure from the above version, can I still secure it from beneath until I get my machine up and running to drill the needed holes?

Is the journeyman frame secure from above or below?

They have both now listed in the web site

I ordered the journeyman from above QCW frame this morning…will the templates be available before the frame ships? I ask because I would like to add some threaded inserts and such to the waste board design.

Is there info on how the frames can be secured from below? The leveling feet seem to indicate that there is at least one hole on each corner, but I would appreciate some clarification for mounting details!

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Can the onefinity team provide a technical drawing which shows the hole locations referenced to the 0,0 of the system?
Or is there too much play in the locations of the cross beams to allow for an accurate locating drawing in that capacity?

They mentioned that they would be providing a template for the holes that need to be drilled. @OnefinityCNC


what type of PEMS are used? Will the threads be imperial? Which thread size?


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In all seriousness, is this “custom machine, drilling, counter boring” not something I can just build in Vectric Aspire and batch out on my existing 1F setup before I transfer it over to the QCW/cart and install the X-50 JM upgrade? I’d rather do this daunting “machine-drill-counterbore” 1x and swap out MDF spoil from above than disconnect cords-lift 1F JM-brace/secure so it doesn’t fall-drill-screw from below every time.

This is what Duckduckgo told me a PEM was.

I’m just wondering if I should switch my order from an Above QCW model to a Below model because I don’t have the necessary tools to use the Above. Or…is it easy with the leg/wheels cart to just lie down underneath and replace away?

I know there’s something in this discussion I’m missing.

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As far as you own a CNC…

When I read above that “secure from above” has “PEMS” installed, I found this:

PEMS - Wikipedia

Ordering “secure from beneath” is exactly the conclusion I came to, but for another reason: I really prefer to secure from above. Putting my whole cnc machine in an upright position to put in screws from beneath is not at all an attracting idea to me. On the other hand, “Custom machine, drilling, counter boring” - what’s the problem if you have a cnc?

The point is if I order “secure from above”, I would have these “PEMS” (probably Swage Nuts) possibly with imperial threads. So I prefer ordering a bunch of Setzmutter “M 5” and put them into the QCW Frame myself (an thus I ordered “secured from beneath” version) in order to be able to use ordinary metric M 5 screws.

What aspect are you referring to?

It’d be helpful if there were much more information besides the thirty seconds of video showing spoilboard replacement on a ‘Below QCW’. That gal in the video used some kind of integrated latch or flip-down wedge on each side in the video…were those integral to the ‘Below QCW’ only, or is it only part of the ‘Below QCW’ with “Any Surface Leveling System”? What would a ‘Below QCW’ spoilboard replacement look like when it’s mounted on a ‘Rolling-Folding’? What does an ‘Above QCW’ spoilboard replacement look like from start to finish?

Lol…the #1 link Ddg returned when I did the initial search for “secure from above PEMS” was a bit better :wink:, but required more clicking, thus the URL quote above to the #2 Ddg link. (Pictures…I like pictures :drooling_face:)


And this reply from 1F:

…thus my acknowledgement that I’d rather just do the work 1x, batch out the machining on a 1F, and install from above from then on.

…but if it’s easy to lie down and screw in from below when it’s on the ‘Below QCW’ and ‘Rolling-Folding’ frame (i.e., no tilting-securing-drilling-screwing), then I’ll definitely switch my order.

Wondering if “securing from below” is easier and more practical, also less work required to do it, why the “securing from above”option is more expensive? I’m questioning myself why did I payed more to get more trouble? What I’m getting over the “securing from below” that justifies the extra cost? (that I already payed) What I’m missing in this equation???

I just ordered the “from below” version. The slot rails will be useable for some things, but I’m used to using the Tee nuts for all of the odd shaped things I do. Since the nuts have to be installed from the bottom, it’s a no brainer for me.

And rather than program a surface cleaning, I’ll just send the boards through the planer…. Easy pleasy….

It all depends on what you do and how you work I suppose…

Just saying….

Maybe I just have to change my order​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’m sure it’s not too late…. “From above” means you have to pilot some holes and what not…. Just send them an email and change things up…. Crap happens…

Personally, I find the rails are ok, but I need my clamps both close and far… it all depends…. So I use t-nuts about 4” apart on my surface.

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