QCW secure from above or from below

I am planning to purchase a QCW frame when I eventually order my Woodworker X50.

I see there is a secure from below and secure from above option.
I have an existing enclosure built for the CNC.
I was wondering the benefit of the secure from above vs secure from below option?
I also plan on ordering these rail dust protectors:


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Hey Gaetano,

I think you should only buy the secure from beneath version if your enclosure allows to do this:


Thank you Aiph5u. I will go with the secure from beneath.



I’m firmly in the screw from above camp. I know exactly where the mounting screws are so I’m not going send a bit pinging off stainless steel screws. I also don’t have to lift the whole freakishly heavy thing up in order to replace a slat. Nor am I going to possibly affect the squareness or flatness of the assembled unit.

Did I mention it’s seriously heavy? I’m suspicious of that picture with his one-handed lifting support. Especially on one of the big machines.

@Guy77 , I do not mean to put words into @Aiph5u ’s mouth since he can speak for himself, but I read what he wrote as only buy the from-below version if your enclosure allows you to do flip it up nearly 90°. Said another way, are you planning your enclosure height to be nearly the depth of the 1F?

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Hi Jim Hatch and Mitch. You made a good point. I just looked at the video regarding lifting the machine in the screw from beneath version. This machine may actually weigh more than me lol. Also the height of my enclosure is 24in so I would not be able to flip it up.
I may need to think about the screw from above option.

Thanks everyone.



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The screw from below is designed to be “simpler” to install because you don’t have to template the holes onto the MDF strips (but you have to lift up the whole machine). The secure from above is otherwise preferred for the reasons already given by others - easy to see where the fasteners are, easy to replace MDF strips, etc.

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Hey Gaetano, hey @JimHatch, hey @Mitch, hey all,

I already had the thought that I should have better also provided a link to Woodworker QCW Frame (Secure from Above) in my post :slight_smile: – here it is

By the way the corresponding wasteboard dimensions file (PDF) for Woodworker model is here (as always, dimensions provided only in imperial units :frowning:)

The difference between the two QCW versions is that the “Secure from beneath” version has only screw holes in the aluminium extrusion profiles, whereas the “Secure from above” version has what Onefinity callsPEMS” but are in fact Swage Nuts that are shown here on QCW frame.

I also wanted to have the “secure from above” version, but since before ordering I was not sure whether possibly imperial threads were used (not common outside the U.S., so definetely not wanted), I ordered the “secure from below” version and got me a bunch of “Setzmuttern M5”, so that I can install the swage nuts myself and be sure of the thread used.

Note that in case you don’t make the MDF wasteboard slats with a g-code program run on the machine, but by hand as shown in the manual or in the video, you will notice that for the 9.5 mm / 3/8″ deep holes for the screw heads, they use a forstner bit and as depth stop they suggest marking the depth with tape on the drill bit, however for acceptable depth accuracy and repeatability I would suggest better using these nice and ingenious Star-M Depth stops :slight_smile: :

Star-M No.5005 Drill Stopper

The plastic cap rotates freely and stops rotating when you reach desired depth.

I use a set of them, from 3 mm (=approx. 1/8″) drill diameter upwards. Picture shows ⌀ 15 mm drill (=approx 19/32″). Available here or here

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Thanks Aiph5u for all this info. I especially like that Star M depth stop bit.