Foreman QCW Secure From Above Wasteboard Template

Do the QCW Secure From Above Frames for the Elite Foreman no longer come with the template for creating the mounting holes?

Thanks in advance

Mine did not come with one.
Onefinity gave me a tip which was to mount the mdf and then mark the hole locations with a center punch from below. Then use that as the location for the pilot hole

Hey Judd,

as the width is identical to Journeyman, you could use those for Journeyman and simply make them longer by placing the template a few holes further.

EDIT: Shit, forget what I was just saying. They made the hole spacing even more unlogical again (and totally differing, even the width of the slats):

Rather than the hint with the center punch I would make a template and print it with a “poster”/ “fit on multiple pages” option on a printer. I think I would first put a large MDF on the QCW Frame and mill and bore the slats with a g-code program. Such a program is not the badest idea since wasteboard is to be wasted and you will want to repeat this step.

I’m not sure I would agree. You are assuming that their template is correct. I found (as others have) that the dimensions are off. The gap on the largest was 10" on mine. This dimension is similar to what others have found and posted. I would also suggest making the holes and countersinks slightly oversized. You’re going to use a washer anyway so give yourself some room for error. The PEM fasteners in the QCW are… ‘fragile’ (I had two pop out of my QCW and I thought my alignment of holes was pretty exact (I placed a hex key down each hole and through the thread before inserting the screw to ensure it was vertical and the hole was aligned with the thread below it)

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Hey Ed,

I have not yet assembled the QCW frame, but the first thing will be to check where the holes are :slight_smile:

While all of the above are good suggestions, what I find odd is that Onefinity does not seem to be supplying the template with the QCW any longer (at least not with the Foreman version for the Elite) and at the minimum, you would think they would have files for it to be used by the CNC, after all they must have the CAD files for the creation of the rails themselves. Don’t get me started on the weird hole pattern to begin with.

I will probably just create my own file(s) and see how it goes.

Thanks again,

Hey Judd,

you could write a complaint to the manufacturer or file a new feature request, something like “Please include drilling template for QCW wasteboard slats (secure from above)”

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