Dimensions for wasteboard on X35 machinist

Hi all, My Onefinity Machinist should be arriving soon and I’m getting the QCW frame. I’m struggling to find the dimensions for the wasteboard “slats” to fit the QCW. The manual has specs for the “woodworker” and “journeyman” models but I don’t see anything for the “machinist”. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? thanks much in advance

Hey Ernest,

easy to find by using the search function (“machinist qcw”):

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Great! just needed to learn the right terminology - thanks so much

Be careful of the listed dimensions. Get them from someone who has a QCW in place already. If they can take the measurements from edge to edge of the T-tracks that will give you the correct real-life dimensions. I used the published drawings for my Journeyman and had the slats pre-cut & ready to go. I also created a VCarve project that drilled the holes needed.

Unfortunately the tracks were as much as 1/8" further apart than drawn so the holes in one side of the slats weren’t placed correctly. I had to flip the slats and redrill the holes (fortunately they’re asymmetrical so there was room for new holes).

If you’re going to use the CNC to drill the holes I’d set my project up dimensioning the holes from the centerline of the slats rather than using an edge as the reference line. That way if the slats are too narrow for your track layout you’re still good. If they’re too wide, you can rip them down on a table saw and still be good.

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