Journeyman/Woodworker/Machinist QCW (Secure from Above) Digital Files

I have recreated the both the Journeyman and Woodworker Onefinity Quick Change Wasteboard into digital files (created in Adobe Illustrator) and have saved both the 8.75" & 1.625" (8.75" & 3.00") MDF sections with the appropriate holes/counterbores and spacing ready for the CAM to be done in whatever software you want to use. Both of the spoilboard files are packaged as .eps & .svg formats

I have now uploaded the Machinist digital file similar to the others for those that require this particular size.

Cheers … Dave

Journeyman QCW (2.2 MB)
Woodworker QCW (2.2 MB)
Machinist QCW (2.2 MB)


Hey Dave,

did you create this according to Onefinity’ Specifications file or according your existing QCW Frame specimen?

These were recreated from the instructions given in the Onefinity’s QCW Specifications PDF file.

Cheers … Dave

Hey Dave,

thanks for your reply!

I think I will look at the holes on the specimen I have, whether they correspond with the docs, when I find time.

I did the same but didn’t want to post it until my QCW comes in and I can test it in real life. I used the spec page they posted but sometimes reality is different :slightly_smiling_face: If mine doesn’t work I might ask for yours to see if yours is better.

I did mine in VCarve so it should be cut ready when my QCW arrives.

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I thought I’d cover most bases by choosing .eps or .svg as they will readily import into most CAD/CAM software (Vcarve/Aspire/Carveco/Fusion 360 etc).


Here’s what the Journeyman package looks like. No instructions. Video linked to QR code fast forwards in the area where he is putting it together. No help
Also including photo of track members. They are 3” wide on top and 1.75 on bottom. Outside width of T’s is 0.67 inches
I am starting to put this puzzle together tonight. Wish me luck

There is a detailed assembly video for every onefinity part out there somewhere.
I had mine assembled in maybe 4 hours, including folding stand and QRC. I assembled after work and had my first cuts done the next evening.

I had the MDF for the QRC cut before I got the machine.

I recommend flattening the spoilboard, then tramming the machine.

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I have got this far. Please let me know if some thing is not right before I put the mdf down

Anyone know where the two plastic caps (??) go?

Hey Muddlin’,

You might Read The Fine Manual

yes, I know :slight_smile:

The Fine Manual


Thanks. They should have linked this to the QR code instead of the video

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Mine had a card in it with QR codes on it to get the instructions.