QCW frame - Hybrid Machinist/Woodworker size

Hi all,

I’m an existing Shapeoko user - specifically the “XL” size. Over my time with it, I have developed a workspace and an enclosure specifically suited to a machine with this footprint - so the width (Y) of the Onefinity Woodworker with the depth (X) of the Onefinity Machinist roughly.

I was about to upgrade to a Shapeoko Pro XL to replace my Shapeoko 3, but I am currently leaning towards a fully kitted out Onefinity instead. I have been informed I can get the footprint of the machine I’m after by buying a Machinist and then doing the woodworker x50 upgrade, but I’d also really (really) like to get a QCW frame at the same time.

I don’t see an option on the site for this size of QCW frame, but am I not right in assuming it would just be the same Y rails of the Woodworker QCW but just use the shorter Machinist t-track rails of the Machinist QCW… but double the amount?

How can we make this happen?? … finger is twitching on the order now button :slight_smile:

There isn’t a size (and wont be) that your requesting.

OK - thanks for your blunt & honest response. I understand the demand probably isn’t there for you to get value in selling it.

Just out of curiosity, does my assumption of the Y rails combined with the shorter machinist t-tracks not work? I totally understand you’re not going to sell them, but are they different threads on the screws or a different platform each is built on that makes this impossible?