Onefinity Medium - 32x16" cutting area

Hi folks,

I don’t have room for a full size woodworker model in my shop, but the machinist is a touch too small for what I would like to do. Are there any plans on making a mid-sized version? The X axis should be the longer one, so that you can tile 32" wide. This would be the same footprint as the Shapeoko XL.

I would think that it could be done today by just swapping in the woodworker’s X rails to a machinist Y axis, with the corresponding wires.

Cheers This might be an option. Just use the X-rails.


All that does is switch your order from a Machinist to a Woodworker. It doesn’t give you ‘extra’ parts to do the swap.

But they do sell the woodworker ball screw for only $62.50, so you could source the linear rails (you’d have to know the exact length to achieve the proper length stack-up tolerance with the screw). The rails would run about $150 ea. sourced from Misumi. There may be cheaper places to source the rails. I’m guessing that in time, Onefinity will offer a package deal on this which would be the best and cheapest way to go.

I recently emailed them about this, because I’m in the exact same position. A midsize machine would be perfect, it might just take some time for them to be able to offer it as an option. I’m assuming that they order a specific amount of parts for however many machines they are building in the batch. Fingers crossed next batch they can work this option into the orders.

Yeah, hopefully they’ll do this in the future. I ended up going with a different manufacturer to get a size better suited to my needs, but a mid sized onefinity would have been sweet.

In the same boat. I build guitars and I need a rectangular cutting area. It’s not really about cost, I just don’t have room for a full Woodworker.

There has been quite a bit of interest in this option. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer an expansion kit for the Machinist to expand the X axis to 32". They already sell the Woodworker leadscrew. If they would just offer the Woodworker rails & longer internal wiring harness, that’s all it would take (aside from adjusting the controller settings as such).

I have a woodworker on order now and am having second thoughts given the footprint in my shop. I emailed OF to see if this is on the horizon.

I’m hoping they have an option for 24 inch rails so I can make a 24x36 machine