Onefinity Medium - 32x16" cutting area

Hi folks,

I don’t have room for a full size woodworker model in my shop, but the machinist is a touch too small for what I would like to do. Are there any plans on making a mid-sized version? The X axis should be the longer one, so that you can tile 32" wide. This would be the same footprint as the Shapeoko XL.

I would think that it could be done today by just swapping in the woodworker’s X rails to a machinist Y axis, with the corresponding wires.

Cheers This might be an option. Just use the X-rails.


All that does is switch your order from a Machinist to a Woodworker. It doesn’t give you ‘extra’ parts to do the swap.

But they do sell the woodworker ball screw for only $62.50, so you could source the linear rails (you’d have to know the exact length to achieve the proper length stack-up tolerance with the screw). The rails would run about $150 ea. sourced from Misumi. There may be cheaper places to source the rails. I’m guessing that in time, Onefinity will offer a package deal on this which would be the best and cheapest way to go.