Is it possible to use Y rails from the machinist with X rail from x-50 woodworker?

I imagine it is, seeing as how the only difference (from what I can tell) between the machinist and x-50 woodworker Y rails are the length. Is it possible in software to adjust the default Y length?

My reasoning is that I don’t have room in my shop (a small, one-car garage) for the larger footprint of the X-50 WW; 16"x33" would be perfect.

So my thinking right now, is that if I order an x50 woodworker, and a x35 machinist, I could use the machinist Y rail with the X-50 WW X rail and have the size I need. In addition, I could potentially use the X-50 WW Y rails with the machinist X rail and have two functioning 16x33 machines. If this works I’d be stacking the two machines.


Well, Mr. Money-Bags, I would just get the X-50 WW and cut the tubes to meet that goal.

As for the software, that might be the one big challenge.

I actually thought of that first; it’s actually what I did with my table saw fence rails. But If I can end up with two functioning cnc machines at my desired size, I’m happy to drop the extra coin to do so. It is a decent investment, but I’ll definitely be getting some return on them with my (admittedly small) woodworking business.

The money’s honestly not as big an issue that I thought it would be. I was already saving for a sawstop, but my current saw functions just fine, so I’d rather put the money towards something that I can get a quicker return on.

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Just cutting the tubes wouldn’t be enough. You would also need to source a new lead screw. Personally I would call 1F and ask them if they could make exactly what you want. They may not be able to do it because of how their workflow is set up but at least they would be able to help you (possibly ordering the parts needed and allowing the return of parts you don’t need).

Yeah, having to get a new lead screw is why I decided against attacking the rails with a grinder/sawzall.
I know they’re pretty backed up, and I wouldn’t want to make things any more hectic for 1f than I’m sure they already are, which is why I’m contemplating just ordering the two machines and doing some “frankenfinity” setups.

At best, it works the way I want and I have two cnc machines at my desired size. At worst, it doesn’t pan out and I still end up with two functioning cnc machines, just at different sizes.

Edit: Looks like I’ll be able to accomplish what I’m after; I came across this video posted on this forum, and going through the settings it looks like I will be able to set soft limits on machine size for each motor.

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Another option would be to just drop coin on the machinist, then put an ad out that you would be willing to buy someone’s woodworker X axis that has upgraded (or perhaps this will give them the necessary motivation to do so).

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I thought about that too, and was actually leaning towards that option for a bit. I just worry about not being able to get the x-50 ww rail within a decent timeframe.

I still may grab the machinist first to get the hang of things, then once savings hits the x-50 ww goal, I’ll jump on that one too.

Cutting those rails may be a bigger challenge than you think for the average shop. They are hardened and would likely require a lathe to cut them properly. (Add to that the ball feed issue.)

Yeah; cutting the rails is off the table. I’d rather not sacrifice the future potential to use the full 32"x32" cutting area of the x-50 ww should my workshop situation grow.

So it looks like I’ll be trying out my original idea of getting a machinist and x-50 woodworker and swapping rails. I plan on recording the entire process too, should anyone else decide to be crazy enough to try this lol

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Sounds perfectly doable. I’d love to have a 16" x 32", but I’d need to completely redo my custom aluminum frame at additional cost. Still, I may consider it at some point should it become financially worthwhile to make the jump.

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Hold on now boys - Lets just search around for a sec:

Regular Linear Shafts:

Hollow Linear Shafts:

Except the price for ONE rail at McMaster is more than the price of the entire assembly from Onefinity.

Teaser pic of the Machinistworker Hybrid. This one just has the 35mm X rails.


I did check mcmaster first (that place is tinkerer’s paradise!) but yeah, the rails are crazy expensive.

Nice! that’s exactly what I’m after, only with the x-50 X rails.

I’m slowly warming up to the thought of doing this! Cost involved with updating my extrusion frame are not as bad as I originally thought. I always knew it would be a real possibility but thanks to your thread I’ve actually started looking more seriously into it.

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I’m glad I could get the creative grease flowing. :slight_smile:
I was originally set on a shapoko pro since it comes in the smaller size, but it would have involved more upfront cost; I don’t have a spare PC lying around to dedicate to it so I’d have to buy one. Even a cheap one would add up the cost.

I much prefer the simpler design of the 1f and the turn-key nature of it. It seems like a very well-built and designed machine. I know the wait will be a few months, but I’m very excited to finally introduce a CNC into my shop after 17 years of doing it the old fashioned way.

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You will love it John, and it really is well worth the wait. I had a fully customized X-carve but after taking one look at the design of the Onefinity, I was completely sold. And so was my X-carve. :rofl:


Maybe down the road 1F will just offer the option to choose what size rails you want. I’m sure there would be people who would be interested in a 16"x48" machine.


Thanks Bill! I’m ordering the machinist shortly, then the X-50 WW in a couple of months when my tool funds replenish. At the very least I’ll have the machinist to tinker with, learn the ins and outs, and get some small projects going until the X-50 WW shows up.

I appreciate your input! It helps a lot. :+1:

@Dr-Al That would definitely be awesome; a simple drop-down where you choose your X and Y rail lengths and any extras.

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