Is it possible to use Y rails from the machinist with X rail from x-50 woodworker?

That’s awesome, congrats on that John!! Sounds like a good solid plan. Thanks to you, I’ve already redesigned my aluminum extrusion base and redesigned my workplate. That’s all I can do at this moment in time, with an upcoming cross-country move. Machine is already disassembled & ready to go. Once set back up, I will revisit this.

I hope your move goes well! I’ll revisit as well once my machinist arrives whenever it does. :slight_smile:
I’ll probably spend some time with software to learn that aspect at least.

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So I’ve been doing some email back and forth with onefinity, and it turns out I can order the machinist, and add the x-50 woodworker X rail upgrade, and have the machine I desire. So I’ll be doing this. It saves me some upfront cash since I wouldn’t have to order two machines (not that I’m opposed to having more than one CNC!); I’ll use the savings for some more end mills and a nice dust boot.

Getting excited about this now lol


I thought that it was included in the email they sent out about the x-50 upgrade but no longer had the email. Glad you can get what you want. Lord knows that there’s always something to spend money on so spending it where you don’t need to just slows down spending it on the stuff you will want.

Thanks Alex. I plan on getting some up/down compression bits. I already have a ton of other 1/4" spirals, V bits and bowl and tray bits from my woodworking. Probably some materials for a nice enclosure too. I already have a shop vac I can dedicate to it, but need to implement a dust separator.

So far I ordered the makita router and some t nuts to make the myers spoilboard. I’m looking into dust boots now, and maybe getting a controller for it. I know onefinity sells their own, but I might grab the logitech f710 since it’s a bit cheaper.

Still getting my head wrapped around CNC as it’s new to me.

My 1F was suppose to ship this past week so I have a few weeks to go. I just ordered a F310 to see how I like it vs the wireless F710. I also ordered a dust boot from Amazon that a 4" hose will fit on (since I’m going with a 80mm spindle). I just realized the VFD I got has a removable keypad/ display and for an extra $15 I can get a longer cable and housing that it’ll snap into. I also got a water flow switch that will display how much water is flowing. I’m going to have to figure out a way to have the displays and switches on a panel with the 1F display. As I said, plenty of ways to spend money.

I thought about the F310 too; I just worry about it being wired and getting caught on things like back in the day with NES controllers. ;-p

I briefly looked into spindles and that’s a way down the road (if at all) upgrade for me. I think the makita router will suit my needs for a good amount of time. I don’t plan on cutting any metals; maybe I’ll try aluminum eventually.

As for a dust boot, I’m still looking into those; I’m actually thinking about trying one of the rear mount mods for it, but if the process involves a decent amount of tinkering, I’ll probably just get one of the good, stock boots. I bought an ender 3 pro as my first 3d printer last year and it took an almost maddening amount of tinkering and modding to get what I consider good prints. I want less of that lol

I know they all pretty much look the same but I really want to share pics my new machine. It’s like pictures of a baby ha.

I am having such a good time