Foreman QCW Questions

Based on the new shipping calendar, my Elite Foreman should ship next week. So getting some things ready in prep for it and I had a few questions.

I am also getting the QCW with legs (fixed stand or whatever it is called).

1.) I have seen on the FB group that some people had problems squaring their machines. I assume that the QCW is square when assembled and thus when mounting the machine to the QCW you don’t even really have to worry about measuring the diagonal and squaring up as I assume it is machined to be square. Is that true or is there some slop /play in it to where you still have to do the same squaring process and to where it is possible it will not be square?

2.) The elite manual states:
Note: For maximum stiffness it is recommended that you build up your wasteboard to a
thickness of 2-1/2”- 3”.

Is this still needed if using the QCW? I assume not, but I hate to make assumptions. If so it seems it would require putting additional MDF over the QCW rendering the T-slots in the QCW useless.

3.) Someone posted the dimensions for the MDF slats to put into the QCW for the foreman but I can’t find it. Can anyone share those? I would like to have the MDF cut and ready to go when the machine shows up.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Bill,

I have not yet seen a report about this. For me the question is still open as I have not yet assembled my QCW frame.

This does not apply to using the QCW frame.

The Foreman QCW has its own QCW Manual on the Support page. You find the dimensions there.

Thanks for the quick reply. For #1 would you mind reporting back how it goes once you assemble it?

For #2, thank you for confirming.

For #3 - wow not sure how I missed that, thank you very much for the link!

Hey Bill,

sure I will report, I already promised it earlier, but it is well possible that I will first move to another place with a bigger workshop before I assemble the machine so it could be that someone else has the opportunity to test this before I have.

Hey Bill,
Just started putting mine together yesterday. The squareness was right on the money when assembled. And as for the waste board sizes…it calls for 3 inserts at 8 3/4" and 2 at 9 7/8" all at 48" in length. This leaves a space on the back side that, to me, makes it look unfinished. To completely cover the area, cut them at 58" length. Also the width leaves a very loose fit in between the t-tracks, still works fine but the next time I replace it I’ll make my inserts using the “two moose” style.
Hopes this helps.


So the measurements are off in the diagram? What’s the 2Moose style?

I cut my MDF last night :frowning: I did see the diagrams for the Foreman said that you needed at least 48" but could go longer and saw that the QCW was larger. However I had already had my MDF ripped down from 96 x 48 to two 48 x 48 at Home Depot when I saw that.

I also cut to their 8 3/4" and 9 7/8" spec and as soon as I laid the wood down today saw it was a loose fit :frowning:

Not a big deal but wishing I had waited a day to cut the wood and seen your post. Oh well this is my first CNC, I think the odds that I am going to make a lot of mistakes on this waste board are probably pretty high, lol. IT may not be long before I have to change it out.

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Also curious about the Two Moose style. I have seen his videos regarding the PVC he inserts and was thinking about doing that, but he doesn’t use a QCW so I wasn’t paying much attention to the videos on his track and the MDF inserts themselves. Is there another secret there?

Same reason I asked. :slight_smile:

What I like about the design is it looks like he measured from the edge of the slot on one track to the edge of the slot of the other. Then cut a groove on each side of the waste board for it to fit over the edge of the T-slot track. This just leaves the slot exposed and less a slightly cleaner look. I’m still undecided on how I want to do a type of squaring locator system. I know there will be a 2" grid cut into it. Had that on the last one and really came in handy.