Shipping Misery #18431

My QCW frame and Rolling Stand was delivered yesterday morning. Unfortunately UPS did not deliver it to me. No one to answer the phone at UPS so the automated voice just kept repeating file a claim, file a claim… Unfortunately the automated voice doesn’t know I have been waiting five months almost to the day for this shipment. So getting my money back is not nearly being made whole.

Awe man… Sorry to hear that!

Who did they deliver it to?

That super sucks. It seems very unlikely that whoever they delivered to wants it. If you keep checking back it will probably turn up. Good luck!

Update in case anyone is interested. I have not received this order. OneFinity is sending out a new one but I have not had any word on when it might be shipped.

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have you gone to your local UPS shipping store and talked to them about it. Many times pictures are taken to prove where they delivered the package. Check your address on streets around you, even if you have to knock on a few doors and explain you are trying to find your C-mas package. Someone may know something. Do you have a tracking #? Go Kick some Butt.

Thanks for the awesome advice Gary I did most of those things but came up dry. OneFinity sent me another one, I just received it last week and it is really nice.

Back to delivery issue though, and I am only putting this out there because someone earlier said no one else would want it, I thought so too and that was my premise for the door to door search you suggested.


First the QCW and Tolling stand are a very nice work table even without the CNC. After I put it together I realized it is usable and very cool and almost $1000 of free kit even if you don’t have a OF CNC.

Second and this is conjecture but the UPS guy has been avoiding my accusing state for the last few weeks and looks like he watches maker videos so he is my likely culprit. :wink:

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SO GLAD you got it. It is so sad that the people who are hired to deliver items end up stealing it. That happened to me once and the guy was fired.

Sorry you had to wait so long because of a shipping problem that is clearly not Onefinity’s fault.

My previous address seemed to lose packages and even mail at times. There is a street about a mile away with a very similar name. One was SouthWOOD Avenue and the other was SouthWARD Avenue.

Both streets had a house number 17. I must have recovered at least 2 dozen packages from the other address in the 9 years I lived there. And during the same time received a number of packages intended for them.

So maybe think if there are similar address names to yours.

Also, get a Ring doorbell or if you only need a good camera get a Wyze cam and place it to watch your front door. It might even be inside looking out through a window if there is a view of you porch or wherever you get your deliveries. Both can send you an alert when they detect a person (or any movement). One of my Wyze cams records ever time my neighbor leaves for work in the early morning. The headlights show up in the cameras field of view and it records 15 seconds of video and audio.

Wyze cams have lots of features. I plan to put one over my CNC to monitor operation when I am not in the room. It will work using their app from anywhere you have internet access.

I have two in my shop watching the whole room and one in the house watching the shop door through a window. They’re on 24/7. I’ve had them for years and cost $19 each. don’t know what they cost now but can’t be much more. I’ve used a video clip from the one on the front porch to prove the shipper damaged an item by rough handling. With the audio you could actually hear the item break as he dropped it on the concrete porch.

You can do the same with the Ring and other devices. Now-a-days you almost have to have at least one.

Cameras can’t stop stuff from being stolen or broken, but they can help figure out who did it and when.

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Even worse are the drivers caught dumping packages in the woods because they don’t feel like delivering them or have someone come back and retrieve them.

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Thanks for the reply, we hen we lived in Seattle we had an address almost identical fro another house down the street and they would often get our mail that is frustrating. In this house though it has never happened fortunately. In this case the UPS guy never showed up at my house, we have Ring (great tip) so we know the only deliveries that day were from Amazon. Anyway good news is I did receive a new one last week and it is absolutely amazing.

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Amazon uses geofencing with drivers of their own shipping service. We have a long driveway. Yesterday I was shoving snow at the street end of the driveway when the Amazon driver arrived. We had to walk up to the house before he was able to scan the package as delivered. Other shipping companies should adopt this technology.

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I’d be careful :shushing_face:. Some issues in the uk: BBC News - Neighbour wins privacy row over smart doorbell and cameras

I cannot see his home with the camera. The camera reacts to his headlights shining on the side of my garage when he leaves early in the morning for work.

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I find that a fascinating dichotomy - the UK has a public infrastructure of surveillance cameras that 70 years ago would have been the envy of any Iron Curtain country. You’d be hard pressed to walk anywhere within London for instance and not be on video for your entire trip.

I understand the concerns with audio recording as that’s not yet common, but the video capture seems to be ubiquitous in the UK, as long as it’s done by the authorities :slightly_smiling_face:

The automatic sharing of the video capture that Amazon was originally doing without notifying the installer was a much more egregious privacy issue. That one got people’s attention here in the States.

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Yes, all very spooky.

I think the big difference is all those cameras on London streets are recording what takes place in public areas.

But once you’re outside where a passerby can easily observe you, you’re in public. So front door footage is most definitely public. Backyard footage gets a little trickier depending on how well your backyard is occluded. If you’ve got a solid wall, 8ft high surrounding your backyard you have a reasonable expectation of privacy (although if a neighbor can see into your walled backyard from their 2nd floor windows, there is an argument that even then you don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy).

This is a common issue here in the States relative to drone flying. Even though the drone is flying 100ft or more overhead, people freak out that their privacy is being violated. As if a consumer grade 1/2" camera sensor was going to be able to catch anything particularly recognizable when it comes to people (spoiler: they can’t).

What struck me about the linked lawsuit was just that one of the most highly surveill people in the world could rationally think there was some magic protection bubble around their house :slightly_smiling_face: It was that dissonance that struck me. Not arguing over when & where you can expect privacy (not to mention that I’m in the States & this was in the UK and there are different legal & social norms in effect).

Spoiler, they (consumer drones), can.

Nothing about my camera is violating anyone’s privacy.

Sorry I brought any of it up. I was just giving an example of how sensitive these types of cameras can be to movement and in my example to some light shining on my garage wall.

Can we get back on topic now.