QCW shipment email verification

Have a quick question, I ordered the QCW and a couple small accessories and the 14 weeks to ship is up next week. I have an “email” in my spam folder from pkginfo@ups.com subject UPS Update: Package Shipped. Will this shipment go through borderworx like the cnc or directly from UPS? Trying to find out if this is spam email or real. Just wanted an opinion, my order confirmations all came right from Onefinity right into my inbox with no issues.

Thank you!

It’s probably easier to just email OneFinity directly. They have a dedicated inbox for shipping related support: info@onefinitycnc.com. I found that here, which has other useful info (just sharing).

If you don’t want to email them, then look at the sender. See if you can find an option to view more details, expand, show headers, something like that. You should see the difference by doing as described above. As an example, you might see an email from info@awesome-tools.test and when you expand the details, the real senders address is info@sdlkfj20394r809.tz.test or sometimes even sneakier, info@awesome-toolz.test (z vs s). Probably safer to just verify with OneFinity given the proximity of your shipping window.

Best of Luck!!


I think I will just check with them, thank you!