Watching the UPS truck with the shipment

UPS is teasing me. It gave me a link to the live map which shows where the truck with my shipment is. It was just a block or two away. Now it is a bit farther away, working the commercial area. Patience!

That would drive me crazy watching it constantly lol I’m bad enough with tracking numbers let alone with a live map.

Well…? Is it there yet?

It has been quite the emotional roller coaster! The truck got closer…then farther away…then even farther. Should I hop in the car and track it down? Perhaps proffer distilled and/or fermented beverages to the driver to coax him to hand it over? (All this while diligently working from home!) And then, alas, comes the message “delivery delayed until tomorrow!” Anguish! And then, an hour later, “your package has been delivered!” Oh joy! Dashing to the front door, only to find the porch empty. Egads! Victim of porch pirates? Is this all a dream? Did I cut off a UPS driver in my inglorious past, who has now come to seek his revenge on me? Oh woe is me. BUT WAIT – what do I spy in front of the garage door? Could it be? Is it? YES InfinityOne I see thee! They are here. Box number one – wow is it heavy! Box number two – heavier than the first. And box number three…nowhere to be found. Oh the cruelty of it all. Check the tracking numbers. Indeed, to be delivered tomorrow. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. I’m exhausted, but the two boxes are safe and sound inside the garage, seeking their happy reunion with their compatriot.

Another day, another map from UPS! The two-hour window for expected delivery starts in 10 minutes! Soon the three boxes will be reunited.

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Joy! It is here. Safe and sound. Now on to the fun part!