Introducing The ELITE Foreman, a 48x48 cutting machine

You wanted a 4x4 machine, we’re giving you want you want!

Onefinity is excited to announce the Elite Foreman .

With a cutting area of 48.125" x 48.75", 160mm of Gantry clearance available, beefy 50mm hardened Steel Linear Motion Shaft on both X and Y axis, Powerful “Anti-Skip” closed loop stepper, Z-20 Z-Slider, Advance Onefinity MASSO Controller with 15" touch display and the ability to machine full 4x8 sheets via tiling the

Elite Foreman is in a class of it’s own!

Elite Foreman features:

48" x 48" cutting area

Gantry clearance of 160mm (when Z-20 is mounted in the top position)

50mm hardened Steel Linear Motion Shaft on both X and Y axis

Z-20 Heavy Duty Z-Slider

Advance Onefinity MASSO Controller with 15" touch display

Ability to machine full 4x8 sheets via tiling

Alongside the machine, we now have a QCW that will fit the new 4x4 Foreman!


All of the amazing features that come standard with the Elite Series

To learn more about all the amazing features of the Elite Series check our the product info sheet here: Click here

Find out the difference between the ELITE Series and our other machines here.

For a limited time, The Elite Foreman will be 20% off and will include a X-50 Stiffy, Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider) and a one year subscription to Carveco Maker 3D CAD/CAM program .

Important: The Elite Foreman will go on sale November 28, 2022. First orders will start shipping in 10-12 weeks.

Elite Foreman (48"x48" Cut Area)
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Elite Journeyman (48"x32" Cut Area)
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Elite Woodworker (32"x32" Cut Area)
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Note: An upgrade kit to turn your X-50 Journeyman into a 4x4 is still in the works. We are looking to have it available sometime in the first quarter of 2023. However, our belief is that customers who are in the market for a 4x4 machine should purchase an Elite Foreman.


The Entire Onefinity Family

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, you are welcome to reach out to us either by email at or give us a call at:



If I just order a jorneyman last week can I cancel my order so I can order the elite foreman?

Looks like I know what I’ll be buying on Monday. What time do the new products become available for sale?

Anyone in the market for a lightly used Journeyman with an 80mm spindle mount? !

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They should let you. I was in the Woodworker queue when the Journeyman was announced, last year. Lost my place in the queue, but I was able to pay the difference to get the newer machine.

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yes, if you just ordered in the last week or two, send an email to and they should be able to take care of you.

I don’t see anything on the new QCW? Pricing etc? Thanks

I see the fixed stand / QCW. I assume rolling folding will not be available for this larger configuration?

They will! We’re working on those product pages now.

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I just ordered a X50 Journeyman with free upgrades, hoping to have it by the end of the year, get up and running quickly. Looking to order the Elite 4x4 in a week or two to replace or add to the fleet. Elite lead times look like almost 3 months, maybe more depending on demand. I’m liking these latest announcements.

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Yeah, depending on how monday goes, lead times could get pushed back farther. Get your order in early.

Do you guys happen to have the schematic of all the dimensions like you do on the other machines? OR am I missing it? I see the cut dimensions but not the footprint for example.

Trying to see if I can fit the 48x48 or would need to stick to the 48x32

Thanks & AWESOME New Stuff!!

not yet. we’ve got’s lots of documentation to catch up on :stuck_out_tongue:

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What time and timezone will the products be available? Wireless joypad work with the foreman?

 OnefinityCNC Onefinity Support Leader
November 26
Yeah, depending on how monday goes, lead times could get pushed back farther. Get your order in early.

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I have a new X-50, is this part of the infinite possibilities program?

Monday, 10am. Don’t be late!

There will be an upgrade path. More info later. Expected q1, 2023


I hope your web server is in a climate controlled building with an extra large cooling system :grin:


Thank you! I’m so excited about this upgrade! Thank you for not getting comfortable and being complacent in your success!


Can the the QCW table top for 32x48 be upgraded to the 4x4?

I’m also looking to build a workbench with storage to place the 4x4 on. I’m not getting the fixed legs. How big of a table size do I need?

No, the QCW cannot be upgraded and there isn’t any IPP for it. You’d need to sell it and upgrade.