Help with contacting Onefinity for order changes

Has anyone else had issues contacting Onefinity? Since they sent out the email announcing “customizable ordering”, I have written no less than five emails and called and left two messages, all totally ignored. Th. Anyone have any ideas as to how to actually communicate with this company?

They said that for order changes they would handle them but would not respond quickly to those while prioritizing shipping and support.

My order is being shipped today as I have exchanged a few emails with them this week. I believe they are prioritizing their responses to the current orders that are being shipped. I was told that both sizes of monitors are on back order however they must have had a very limited supply as they indicated my order is being shipped with the new larger monitor that I upgraded to. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much! That makes me feel much better. I’m not scheduled till Mid April but didn’t want to miss the larger screen when it shipped. Appreciate the quick reply.

I would just add also that from my experience all requests will be acted on. I have received refunds for my order modifications within the estimated ‘couple of weeks … depending on demand’ window they stated in their email to us (not an upgrade however). I understand your apprehension. If by totally ignored you mean responses to your multiple requests for information I can understand you saying that, but again from my experience, they are hard at work behind the scenes to make these owner driven changes a reality for their valued customers. Stay positive!

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They did mention the monitors were on back order until end of March so if your order is due to ship in April, then hopefully the larger monitor will ship with your full order.

I emailed them just after the post on accesories and asked about upgrading the monitor. they emailed back and said to contact them closer to the ship date.

Tim, thank you. They did contact me today, said upgrading would not delay my shipment, and sent a link to pay for the 10" monitor. Thanks for reaching out.

yes, by totally ignored I mean no answer of any kind to any of the emails or voice messages until today.

I am happy to hear you got a response - thank you for sharing the follow-up.

I only sent 1 email to inquire about whether I could upgrade to the larger monitor and how much it would cost.
I heard nothing back, and understand they are busy.
The next day or two later I see their post with the link to upgrade, but when I went there all I saw was they would not receive the larger monitor until the end of March.

I got a shipping notification today.
It is quite disappointing to now hear that some were contacted and able to upgrade their order before today.

I needed to send a few emails to modify my order, but I did hear back after a few days and got things resolved. FYI, I received my OF WW this week, but I’m waiting on the display.