Is anyone home?

I think I messed up. No. I KNOW I messed up! I ordered the wrong Stiffy. I have emailed, “” but have gotten no response. All I want is to switch from the Journeyman Stiffy to the Woodworker Stiffy. I don’t even care if I have to eat the difference in cost. I just want to avoid returning it. Curious as to what other’s experience has been with matters like this? I hear so much about how great Customer Service is. Here’s my personal chance to find out, I guess. So far, not so good.

Hi Bob,
When did you email them?

Early this morning. Typically, there’s a note that says, “we got your note and will respond” but this time there was nothing. I was going to give it today and then try to raise someone on the phone.

I ordered the wrong QCW frame when the Foreman was first released, in 2022. I was trying to order within a couple of minutes of the release, figuring shipping dates would keep getting further out otherwise, and I wasn’t paying much attention to what I was ordering.

Anyway, I noticed my mistake the following February, when the machine was almost ready to ship. I think Onefinity reached out to me when they noticed I’d ordered a machine and a stand that wouldnt fit together. They resolved the issue (I paid the price difference), though it messed up my place in the queue and I received my Foreman in mid-April…not a huge deal, since I didn’t have time to assemble it until October.


I’ve had my Woodworker for about three years and upgraded it to the X-50 but I don’t know if they would put that together with my Journeyman Stiffy mistake. I would be extremely surprised. I ordered the Stiffy a couple of days ago so I wanted to catch it before the order got too far into the pipeline. Of course, my $$$ are already paid, but at this point, if I can just get the right rail, I’ll be happy to pay the difference.

Check your email, they responded.

Our system doesn’t have an auto 'we got your not and will respond", so you might be confusing us with some other company.

Yes. Someone replied. And, thank you for your gracious response. You helped me decide on whether to reorder the stiffy for the woodworker. I don’t know who “them” is but I will consider them next. I felt bad for my mistake but not so much now.

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The last employment before retiring was a multi year contract with an engineering firm, they were great on design and fabrication, but their people skills were terrible. Typically engineers are intelligent and even caring, but they seem not to have any understanding of people other than engineers like them.


I retired after a 30yr career spent working mainly with PhD’s and Engineers, so I understand what you’re saying. Given the absence of empathy, it seems the only way to get a message across is withholding your money. The Onefinity is a fine product and I have been very happy with it. I don’t judge the product because of one person’s lack of understanding. The Stoic in me says they don’t know any better so they can’t really help it.

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