Onefinity Customer Service - ROCKS

I have worked in the customer service field in the past and I know how difficult customer satisfaction could be. So it is appropriate to recognize when one receives the exceptional customer service.

I have had the opportunity to contact Team OF twice on separate issues. Both times, the issues were resolved immediately with 100% satisfaction. One of the issue was a newbie mistake on my part and I ended up breaking a part. Even though I was at 100% fault, the OF sent me a replacement without charge. The 2nd time, the monitor was defective and they sent me a replacement immediately. However, sending the replacement was not what was great about it, as it is expected the company would replace a defective part. The great part was that I had also ordered some accessories that were pending shipping. Without even me asking, the OF combined the shipping of the accessories with the monitor (covered under warranty) and refunded me the shipping cost. I was surprised to see a refund in my PayPal account.

For these reason, I salute the OF staff, specifically, “Becky” and “Jenn” @OnefinityCNC. Keep up the good work and thank you for your great customer service.



Thank you for sharing Kamran. Some day’s it’s hard being on the other end of the phone/email/message. We don’t often hear the thank yous. We really appreciate your business and your kind words! It means a lot!


I had an issue late last night and contacted CNC Support as I was stumped. I was given a solution and and an explanation. Tried this morning and worked perfectly. I was excited for the machine to deliver, amazed of the quality once I started using, and Support and Service have been top notch. Great work Onefinity!! :clap: :+1:


I ran into an issue last night (A Sunday night no less) with not being able to lower the Z axis to the lower settings and I was unable to finish a cut. I sent customer service an email around 10pm and expected to tackle the problem the next morning. I received an immediate response and the problem was solved within a matter of minutes and few responses back and forth.
I cannot begin to say how much their support and superb customer service is appreciated. There is nothing worse then getting stuck and having to wait for days to get help. You guys rock Onefinity :+1: :+1:


I also had near immediate response last night… Of course they did have the audacity to ask me to disassemble part of the machine… There goes 2 minutes of my life (sarcasm… Total sarcasm…) This machine is so easy to work with and removing the x gantry is so simple.

Was able to send a video, get diagnostic steps and send a new video… Got a fix and reassembled all in under an hour… They rock. I caused all the delays in the support case :slight_smile:


Had an issue today (delivery tomorrow) and email support had me back up and running within the hour. Not only have 1F put together an incredible machine, but they’ve backed it up time and time again with amazing support via phone, email and here on the forums (even for people freaking out over simple operator errors like mine ) :smiley: A HUGE thank you to everyone at Onefinity! Your talent, time and patience are all immensely appreciated!


I have to agree completely.
I received my machine last week and had a couple hiccups getting things running smoothly.
I emailed them for help and I have to tell you that I haven’t had that kind of customer service in many years from anyone.
I sent an email when I first tried putting together the dust boot I bought and broke the brush trying to get it on the boot. I was just asking if I could buy just that part. One minute after hitting send on the email, my phone rings and it’s OF calling to tell me they are sending a new one.
Just incredible. Keep up the great work OF!!!