Solid Customer Service

I’d like to share my recent experience with Onefinity and extend my appreciation to @mitzpellic & @OnefinityCNC for their exceptional customer service. Approximately three weeks ago, I received my Elite Forman order #40851 in the mail. Upon assembling the machine, I encountered an issue with one of the Y-rails. It wasn’t moving smoothly along the full length of the rail, and there was a noticeable grinding and popping sound.

In my initial contact with customer service, it was a Saturday evening, and I expected a response on Monday. To my surprise, @OnefinityCNC promptly responded and began helping me troubleshoot the issue. Unfortunately, we couldn’t resolve it, but what amazed me was that @onefinityCNC arranged for a video call with one of their Beta testers, @mitzpellic, even on a Sunday, well outside of regular business hours.

Despite our best efforts during the video call, the issue persisted. Eventually, Onefinity went the extra mile and sent a replacement rail, which effectively resolved the problem. While it was frustrating to encounter this issue initially, the outstanding customer service I received from Onefinity and the dedication of @mitzpellic significantly reduced the stress and frustration. Kudos to them for their exceptional support.