Assembly - X rail doesnt fit on y rails

Just received my onefinity. Great packing. Had to remove some twist in both y rails.

Im now having trouble getting the x rail to fit flush on the two y rails.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Contact Onefinity.

Phone 1-800-717-4242

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That phone number takes you to a line that has all kinds of offers to sell things to people 50 and over. the Onefinity number is 888-717-4242

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There might be a small amount of twist in the X rail, which could be straightened out just like the Y rails. If it’s not much, just bolting both sides together will straighten it out.

Thanks Bill. I tried loosening set screws on the x rail. The twist doesnt come out like it did with the y rails where I just loosened set screws and let gravity work. I have about 1/8 to 3/16 in gap on one side of x rail. Guess I will see if bolting both sides together straightens it out.

The x rail straightens out differently because of the third rail on it. You’d need to remove the third rail (stiffy) first, then straighten it out like the other two y rails you’ve done.

I tried to remove the 3rd rail on mine. My x rail doesn’t sit flush either. Anyone got a picture of how it should sit?