New Onefinity, (not) bent?

Hi all, Just received my Onefinity Journeyman today. Everything was in the box looks like so thats good but the main piece seems to be not straight? Not sure if I need to adjust with hex bolts etc, is it all one tube? Just looking to see if it needs to be returned or not… 50" straightedge shows flat (or very close to it) across entire length of top.


Thanks for your help!


It’s just under 1/2” off if one side is held to top that’s how far the other side goes up. I’m sure I’m missing something….

that looks like an x50 x rail…which the big black gantry block in the center is larger than the feet. It will not sit flat on a table, it sits on the y rails.

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Oh thank god….

Thanks!! Lol.

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