My X axis thinks it is longer than it is and my Y is short on carves

I made my first cut which should have been a circle, however it came out as an oval. I then attempted to cut a grid on the X and Y axis. My Y axes stopped short of the full axes and my X just wanted to bang against the rail about 8 inches short of the full run. What do I need to do to program my machine to know it’s size? All my cuts are compressed and appear squashed.

Hey Travis,

this may be a duplicate of X-axis positioning issues

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Thank you. I have the upgraded Woodworker too. I will have to give this a shot when I get back to my shop. I bet this is what the issue is.

It might sound silly but are you sure that you have the appropriate cable connected to the right locations?

Also I would reset your configuration in the controller and see if that helps.

I thought about that too. I checked myself and in an abundance of caution even watched the Onefinity initial setup video to verify. Everything was wired correctly Great idea, however we can tick that one off the list. I have suspicion it will be the issue Aiph5u brought up with the duplicate of the X-axis position since I too have the upgraded X-50. I have not had a chance to make any changes. I will keep you posted.

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I made the correction attached in your link and it cured my 1F like a dream. I can’t thank you enough. What really confuses me though is that Onefinity sent a proof of function block that my machine had been tested. My machine was so far off there is no way it could have made the test piece. I don’t want to make any accusations, but it definitely makes me wonder if my machine was actually tested and why they are not letting people know to make this adjustment with the upgraded X-50. I wasted weeks trying to trouble shoot this issue. Thank you for your assistance.

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Instead of wasting weeks, next time email and get help in minutes.

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Thank you. I will be reaching out shortly with issues I am having with my monitor. I appreciate it!

95% of the time, monitor issues are because it’s not connected correctly. Take a look at this: 10.8" Monitor: How to connect it to power and the controller