New accessories for the latest Onefinity releases

Hey guys I have been getting a lot of questions about accessories for the latest releases!!! I will be coming out with updated storage solutions and accessories for the massive X rail, wall mount, and stow away table. Looking forward to hearing from you all!!


This is a very important question and OneFinity should make a crystal clear announcement on their website about the future plans of the X-50 Journeyman and when / if they will be announcing a corresponding frame. I don’t know if a 48" user would need a wall mount or cart given that those that would buy such a machine likely will keep it permanently available as they would be buying that size for commercial reasons.

@wottacat - I believe they have matching components for the X50 - they couldn’t announce them before the X50.


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Hopefully, as the company matures, new product announcements will be done in a clear and understandable manner. This drip, drip, drip announcement demonstrates the immaturity of the company.

the same frame is used for the normal rails and the x-50 series of rails. The y rails bolt to the frame, the only difference in x-50 machines is the x rail. All wasteboards are compatible with either rail.


I believe this question is in the context of the X-50 Journeyman, not the regular X-50. However, the website now has the information we were looking for. Again, hopefully, this company matures. Clear communication is essential and OneFinity really messed up this announcement by trying to be too cute.

I don’t think that’s what it demonstrates at all. They planned this daily release of features out to correspond with a 6/10 availability. They gave us something new each day with the intent of building excitement. I think this was very well done given the integration of some of the features.