Today's Upgrade - Hang your OneFinity like a piece of Art!

For more info please check out the Wall Mount System promo video:

Important: The Wall Mounting System will go on sale June 10, 2021. First orders will start shipping early August.

Be safe, be well, and stay tuned for our next big announcement tomorrow!



This is a cool idea. I am definitely going to give it a shot. My 8x40 shipping container shop is pretty tight this will give me some great options. Is any one out there doing any reviews yet?

This is just what I was looking for. Great job Onefinity.

Looking forward to this piece and the QCW Frame.

Will we need to be concerned about wear on the (now) vertical stepper motor? Will the weight of a spindle on the 80mm mount be any different?

No it has been thoroughly tested by the OneFinity teams.


Thank you for the info Alex

See thread ‘1F Wall Mount System’
Same question has been asked, only get a ‘it’s been tested’ answer.
The concern raised is over extra wear over time on the X ballscrew, which is now taking all the stress as opposed to the linear bearings. Would be good to know what the tests were to give confidence.


I don’t mean to be argumentative, but I am not sure if the OF team will share the tests/processes etc. performed on this or any of their products. Nor would I expect Ford to share the tests they ran and performed on the F-150 engine. The reason these new products took a year to come to market is that they have been testing and refining them to bring top grade products to their customers that will live up to the OneFinity name.

If you are uncomfortable with a potential degrade in lifespan on any of the features or products I would suggest you skip that one. I would not want you to feel uneasy about any purchase both outside the CNC world but defiantly with OneFinity.


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Hi Alex
I do understand what your saying. However it is a reasonable, valid and fair question.
Changing the operating angle from 0 to 80 degrees completely alters the stress / strain distribution, Can’t really expect a machine to perform the same way in a near vertical position without validation.

No one is asking for documented proof, test results etc… Just a rough description, i.e. analysed where the stresses are (FEA?) and tested those components (if not the full machine) to simulate those stresses over a suitable length of time then post analysis for wear level, fatigue damage, machine accuracy etc…

The people who have asked this question are fully behind 1F and no doubt love to sing its praises outside of this forum. They also appear to know their stuff in the engineering world and are asking due to similar experiences. I’ll submit the question to 1F support.


Looks like X-50 is the way to go.

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