Great customer service - shout out

When I turned on my OF Woodworker X50 this morning it refused to boot. It was working perfectly yesterday on a 2 hr carve running 1.1.1. This morning, dead. I reached out to OF support about 12:15pm pacific and also copied the email to the blog. I got a response from OF on both media within 5 minutes giving a 5 step process to debugging it all. I was apprehensive about taking the controller apart and potentially reflashing the OS back to 1.09 but their instruction were perfect (I am a Mac user so a little surprised) and I am back up and running. I sent a “thank you” at 9:00pm ish and received an immediate response.
Having worked in the software related industries for the last 30 years I am pretty intolerant of companies “throwing out” software for their customers to test (1.1.1 ?). Having said all that, the service I received today was really good and way above what I expected.
It is really easy to criticize a company on a blog for issues etc. but not many people take the time out to compliment them for fixing a problem…